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Biden announced the imposition of more than 500 new sanctions on Russia

Biden announced :

the imposition of more than :

500 new sanctions on Russia :

President Joe Biden announced that the United States is imposing over 500

new sanctions on Russia, as well as restricting exports for about 100 companies

accused of supporting Russia. This statement came on Friday

the eve of :

the second anniversary of the Russian military operation in Ukraine.

Biden stated :

"Today ;

  • I announced the imposition of over 500 new sanctions on
  • Russia because of its ongoing war to invade Ukraine
  • and because of the death of Alexei Navalny...

These sanctions will target individuals associated with Navalny's imprisonment

as well as the financial sector in Russia, the defense industrial base

procurement networks, and sanctions evaders across multiple continents."

He added :

  • nearly 100 entities providing support to Russia's
  • war machine through backdoor channels.

We are taking actions to ;

further reduce energy revenues in Russia.

My administration has directed my team to enhance support for civil society

independent media, and those fighting for democracy around the world."

Biden renewed his call to

the US House of Representatives to pass a bill allocating additional funding

  • for Ukraine "before it's too late," emphasizing that
  • this bill "provides urgently needed funding for Ukraine"
  • and also "invests in the US defense industrial base."

He added :

"Congress recognizes that by supporting this bill, we can enhance security in

Europe and bolster our security at home," warning that opposing

this bill "plays into Putin's hands."

Earlier today :

the European Council announced the approval of the thirteenth package of

sanctions against Russia, which includes restrictive

measures against 106 individuals and 88 entities.