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Comparison between Bolstar 2 and Tesla Model 3



Comparison between Bolstar 2 and Tesla Model 3

Perhaps the first cars that can cross our mind

when we talk about electric cars are Tesla; 


 after many brands in the automotive world headed to making electric cars

in a world comfortably dominated by Tesla, another competing car emerged;

There are even a lot of comparisons and questions about the difference between them and Tesla and the electric car monster; In this article we quote Tesla Model 3 and Pollstar 2023 based on many points and aspects of interest to us in modern cars such as range, battery power, etc. Let's start.

Compare Tesla Model 3 and Pollstar 2023

Polstar 2 is one of the leading competing cars for TSEL3 since its introduction; Based on many points, Volvo has reduced its initial price to compete with Tesla 3 to other points and other details we explain to you

by showing Tesla Model 3 and Pollstar 2023

spreads based on specifications and features.


One of the first points we can talk about that are of interest to every car buyer in general and electric in particular is the performance of the car and the engine


No doubt, both cars offer a pleasant driving experience due to their

unique features and specifications; But if you want to ask about the engine power

start at Polstar2 of 231 horsepower

and Tesla 3 starts at 320 horsepower; We can say that both vehicles

have strong and immediate torque and strong acceleration although

the force varies; So which is accelerating faster?

According to experiments on both Teslas

3 accelerates faster than Polystar 3 by up to two seconds depending on

the comparable category; It is worth mentioning that the acceleration

varies according to the category. For example, Polestar3 with a standard single motor accelerates from 0 -100km/h within 7.4s while the category with a long-range dual motor can accelerate within 4.7 seconds.

External specifications

One of the things that is usually taken into account when talking about the difference between Bolstar 2023 and Tesla Model 3 is exterior design

Bolstar 2 features a distinctive and sporty exterior design on Tesla 3 that

features a simple stylish design; We would like to point out here that

the exterior varies preferences according to personal taste

but the cars have a striking design;

 However, it has a classic front grid design and is not found in Tesla 3

while Tesla has a simple design, dynamic lines and a distinctive pointed shirt.

Interior Cabin

There are undoubtedly differences between the interior of both cars;

both in terms of design and in terms of

specifications and additions; Tesla 3's interior

has an attractive design and advanced technological

and technical additives;

One of its highlights is the large middle touch screen

which can be controlled by all parts of the car

and orders can be made through it easily;

This is in addition to its manufacture of materials that maintain

calm inside the vehicle; Bolstar 2 features a distinctive quiet compartment

with many modern techniques.

It is worth noting that there are many parts made of recycled materials

From the point of view of simplicity, the design of Polstar 2

is slightly complicated but gifted by a great aesthetic; In terms of space

we can say that both cars are accompanied by interior space.


There is no doubt that it is necessary to talk about categories when making a comparison between Bolstar 2023 and Tesla Model 3 where each car comes in a range of categories that differentiate by many unique specifications and features;

 The Polstar 2 comes in three categories and includes a standard long range engine and the latest long range dual engine; Tesla III comes in two categories, one with a standard backpayment and the other with a full payout.

Charging Speed

When talking about electric vehicles making comparisons between them, the electric charging of the car cannot be skipped as the first and primary source of

 energy; Initially Tesla Model 3 or Bolstar 2023 were equipped

with 400V batteries allowing them to charge

at the same pace when delivered with the same type of


Both vehicles provide a maximum charge rate of

11 kW via the type 2 socket; However, one of Tesla Model 3's

advantages is that it needs 13.2 kWh per 100 km compared to

the 17.1 kWh per 100 km Polstar 2

which means you don't need to spend much time at the charging station to reach the same range of driving; You can check the Dubizzle website to find used Tesl3 for sale in the UAE.

Shipping Network

When asking about the extent of an electric vehicle

it is necessary to know what type of car charging network is;

Here it can be said that

the defects of Bolstar 2023 and the rest of the electric vehicles that

do not belong to Tesla cannot benefit from the Tesla Super Charger.

This is what Tesla has provided to its vehicles to

 distinguish them from the rest of the electric vehicles.


the advantages of Bolstar 2023 is compatible with various types of charging companies, making the charging process more flexible and not adhering

to know the places of Tesla charging stations in the emirates.

Safety and Safety Specifications

Both Polstar2 and Tesl3 have many safety and safety specifications unique

to other electric vehicles such as emergency brake systems

blind spots, lane departure

 warning system, as well as peripheral cameras included in both vehicles;

It should be noted that Tesla 3 supports Tesla Autopailot, which includes

adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance and others; You can check

the Dubizzle website to find used Polestar 2 for sale in the UAE.

Extras & Entertainment

Finally, one of the points we can talk about when comparing

Tesla Model 3 and Pollstar 2023 is additions and entertainment information.

Who doesn't know Tesla's touch and high

response screens of up to 15 inches! It is worth mentioning that

it is not a traditional dashboard display

Instead, basic information such as speed and driving range is displayed in the area above the central console; The defects of Tesla Model 3 do not include Apple Car Play or Android Auto while standard specifications in many cars but include its own system of navigation, music, indoor settings, entertainment such as movies

 video games and much more; It also includes standard Bluetooth technology

wireless charging and WiFi connectivity. The Polstar 2

on the other hand, has an 11.2-inch middle touch screen similar to

a tablet that includes Apple Car Plus and Android Auto

which are standard specifications except that Polstar 2 specifically includes the Google Assistant feature that allows voice commands to be received; Plus, Polstar 2 not only guarantees a feature

rich information system, but is also highly customizable;

It also includes a lot of buttons which increases ease of use and accessibility.

Which is better?

Finally, after comparing Tesla Model 3 and Pollstar 2023

you must be wondering what is the best of the two vehicles;

In fact, after we showed each other's features and specifications;

which includes many specifications and additions that

make either of them a leader in the world of electric cars

we can say that each has advantages and disadvantages.

whether in form, design, techniques, additives, etc.; 

There are those who see Tesla 3's simple design as very attractive and stylish and another who sees Tesla 3's connection in the Tesla system and its charging in

the customized type of restriction and another who sees Boltsar 2 as other

vehicles in terms of charging type and range

and there are no advantages and another who sees this flexibility;


preference varies according to people ' You can check out Dubizzle to

find used cars for sale in the UAE.