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Kia Connect Remote Control System


Kia Connect Remote Control System

If you browse Kia models and compare features and differences between them

there is a part of the car worth seeing and knowing

its features in each car, the Infotainment System in Kia.

KIA has been developing its vehicle entertainment system to

  • reach its latest production, the Kia Connect system, which offers
  • the driver many features to facilitate the reception of
  • calls and give commands while driving.

We also find in our article all about the features and way to use

the Kia Connect system if you own a Kia equipped with the system or want to

check the prices of Kia 2021 models in the UAE before buying

a new car with a modern and sophisticated entertainment system.


The Kia Connect system was basically called UVO Link which means

(Use Your Voice) any use your voice to activate the orders you like inside the Kia

but the company developed from its entertainment system

and became named Kia Connect System and added several new orders to it.

The Kia Connect system is located

  • in the company's vehicles to connect the driver to
  • the car using the Kia Connect mobile app
  • to enhance safety and safety of

It is essential to know that Kia Connect

is only available in certain Kia models, and you can find out if your car includes 

the system or not by searching for "Kia Connect" on the main control screen.

If the option appears on the screen

it means availability in your car and you can activate it and link it to the online app.

Also, you can visit the Kia website and search for the option 

"Kia Connect Availability" and then enter your vehicle (VIN) 

number or car making year, type

  • model and wait for results. Another way
  • the Kia showrooms in Dubai provide you with information
  • or not before purchasing and driving them.

Features of the KIA CONNECT system

Kia received many positive feedback when announcing the positives of

the Kia Connect system and how the user can make the most of it

whether the driver is in or out of the car. 

In addition :

we will introduce you to the highlights of 

the uses and features of the Kia Connect application

and find them here:

Connecting the smartwatch with the app

Everyone who owns a smartwatch relies on it to complete many of

their daily tasks and stay in constant contact with their online accounts

and local and global news, so Kia has provided the possibility to

connect the smartwatch with the Kia Connect app so you

can control your car remotely using the watch.

"Find My Car" feature

The features of the Kia Connect system are endless, as you can find your car

  • if you park it in a specific location and forget where, instead of
  • searching for hours, the app helps you save

  • the vehicle's location when you park. 

You can then open the map and follow directions until you reach your car.

Remote Car Climate Control

  • In cold or hot weather
  • it is necessary to take advantage of
  • the pre-configuration characteristics of
  • the vehicle and operate the conditioner
  • for cooling or heating before getting into the car.

When downloading the app

you find that one of the most important features of the Kia Connect system

is the remote car climate control feature so you can feel

the highest comfort when riding it.

Alert the presence of individuals in the back seat

In your search for information about the Kia Connect system both on

the app and on the company's website, you must have seen

the "Rear Occupant Alert", a modern feature in many cars to alert

the driver when the engine is turned off, the vehicle is left

and a passenger or living object is forgotten in the back seat.

There are many cases of parents forgetting their children

in the back chair when leaving the car.

One of the advantages of the Kia Connect system is that it solves

this problem by sending an alert on your phone

or on your smartwatch that you forgot someone in the back seat.

Close and open doors remotely

  • Download Apple Store's "Kia Access" or Android app
  • Create your account by entering vehicle type
  • and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • To activate the app, enter the car identification number
  • and activation code that reaches your phone number or email
  • Search the car control panel for "Activate Kia Connect"
  • and click on "I already have a code" option
  • Enter the verification code
  • The message shows that the system has been activated
  • and you can use it successfully

Road Communication

Perhaps the most important thing we are looking for these days

is precise coordinates of the roads on our daily trips or when we go out on

a long drive. Fortunately, Kia Connect constantly updates its data

about congestion of main or sub-roads, and suggests alternative routes.

  • This new and powerful navigational feature also provides efficiency
  • accuracy and timeliness by providing better guidance, higher accuracy
  • at the time of arrival and real-time traffic data.

Use of the KIA CONNECT system

The process of downloading the Kia Connect app is very easy. 

All you need to do is follow the following steps:

Subscriptions to Kia CONNECT

  • free for the first year of its activation, but after the end of the year
  • all those wishing to benefit from the app's services and features
  • must subscribe to one of the monthly or annual packages
  • provided by the Kia Connect platform to its users.

Here you find

the kinds of subscriptions to

Connect from KIA with prices:

  • Ultimate from Kia: 73 AED per month ($19.99)
  • Plus from Kia: AED 55 per month (USD 14.99)
  • Care from Kia subscriptions: AED 22 per month (USD 5.99)
  • Lite: Kia Connect subscription lasts for five years

It should be noted

Until the subscriptions we offered you are only monthly and there is a range of

annual subscriptions on the Kia Connect website, you can check them

and find out the differences between the subscriptions to

choose the most suitable for you.