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Severe headaches. Causes and Treatment


Severe headaches. Causes and Treatment

Many people experience headache attacks that cause them severe pain that

 prevents them from going about their daily lives normally sometimes. 

What are the causes of these conditions, and what are the ways to treat them?


Migraines or so-called sister-in-law are a type of headache that causes severe head

neck and eye pain, caused by nerve disorders, blood vessels and chemicals in

the brain. This type of headache is more common in women

and can also be developed by children

often in people between 10 and 40 years of age.

This type of headache causes strong

pulsating pains that often appear on one side of the head

and in some cases appear on the two sides of the head.

These pains are sometimes accompanied by symptoms such as nausea

light sensitivity

neck stiffness, blurred vision and poor concentration.

The causes of micro-migraines are still unknown for medicine. 

But some studies link it to changes in neurotransmitters in

the brain as well as to the so-called trigeminovascular system

Designed to protect :

the brain from harmful factors, some studies suggest that

its causes may be associated with external influences such as fatigue

lack of sleep :

atmospheric pressure changes

or alcohol and telltale drinks such as tea and coffee.

As for the treatment of this headache

there are many things that help to relieve his seizures When you have a seizure

you are advised to rest in a quiet and dark room. 

Massage therapy also reduces the frequency of headache attacks

and can rely on medicinal herbs in some cases to alleviate sister attacks

  • It is also possible, according to doctors
  • to resort to some painkillers such as Acetaminophen 
  • or Naproxen but after consulting a doctor.

There are many types of headaches that

sometimes cause people severe pain


Tension headaches affecting adolescents and adults mainly

caused by fatigue, stress and sometimes changing sleep habits.

Sinus Headache, accompanied

by a deep and constant feeling of pain in the cheekbones.

  • headaches caused by hormonal changes in the body.
  • Cluster headaches that cause severe pain

and their seizures and symptoms sometimes resemble some of

the symptoms of migraines.

Some things help :

prevent headache attacks in general :

such as a healthy lifestyle, exercise, a balanced diet containing appropriate

quantities of fresh vegetables and fruits, moving away from sources of pollution

sleeping long enough, and reducing exposure to harmful radiation

from television screens, computers and phones.