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Wall Street Journal: Musk took drug used to euthanize animals

Wall Street Journal:

Musk took drug used to euthanize animals :

The Wall Street Journal reported that

Elon Musk has been using illicit drugs for years on

numerous occasions with the directors of his companies Tesla and SpaceX.

The report claimed that Musk had attended a number of social events in

recent years with Tesla board member Joe Gibia, where he used ketamine

a drug commonly used to euthanize pets at home.

Other managers :

Antonio Gracias, Kimball Musk and Steve Gorvetson

also took drugs such as ecstasy and LSD with Musk at several parties

including those held at a hotel in Mexico allegedly known for drug abuse cases.

Several informed sources revealed that some managers felt pressured to

use drugs with Musk, either because abstinence might disturb the billionaire

or because it could lead to "loss of social capital"

for being in the Executive Chairman's circle.

The sources said that Musk's drug use was known among many current

and former Tesla and SpaceX officials

and that his consumption volume had become alarming in recent years.

However :

  • the boards of the companies did not investigate Musk's alleged drug use
  • and did not document any allegations. The use of illicit substances
  • also violates the anti-drug policies of both companies

while the official board minutes can become public

and if they mention Musk's drug problems

this could jeopardize SpaceX's federal contracts and Musk's security clearance.

The Wall Street Journal already reported Musk's illegal drug use last month

alleging that the CEO has a history of 

  1. drug use including cocaine
  2. ecstasy
  3. LSD and drug fungus.

In response to this article :

Musk criticized the Wall Street Journal on X. He noted that

he was regularly undergoing random drug tests at SpaceX

which he never failed, with his lawyer Alex Spiro supporting the claim.

Later, Musk also tweeted: 

"If drugs actually help improve my net productivity over time

I'll definitely take them!".

Neither Musk nor Spiro have commented on the recent Wall Street Journal

article to date. The General Counsel for Tesla and the spokesman

for SpaceX also chose not to respond to requests for comment.