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Musk announces the creation of a brain chip that enables blind people to see again


Musk announces :

the creation of a brain chip that :

enables blind people to see again :

  • US billionaire Elon Musk announced on Thursday the development of
  • his neuralink neurotechnology company, for a brain chip that
  • is expected to become a device that allows blind people to see.

"Blindsight is the next product of Neuralink after Telepathy... 

Even if someone has never seen, and is born blind, we believe that 

we can regain sight ".

Musk noted that "accuracy may be low at first, as in early Nintendo controllers

but can eventually reach the level of natural human vision."

Musk explained that :

experiments on monkeys showed that they were not harmed.

Earlier Musk :

  • had announced that the first human patient to transplant
  • the Neuralink wireless cerebral chip appeared to have fully recovered
  • and become able to control the computer mouse using his thoughts.

Progress is good :

and it seems that the patient has fully recovered

with neurological effects that we are aware of.

The patient :

can move the computer mouse around the screen simply by thinking ".

Neuralink planted its first product, called Telepathy, in the patient in January.

Musk :

  1. CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
  2. noted that early Telepathy
  3. users would be paralysed.


According to Musk :

the dream is to help make phone and computer control possible outside

the laboratory. 

(Similar previous tests included connecting people to a computer using a wire).

It is hoped that :

users will be able to control electronic devices "by thinking only".

The company :

did not obtain approval from the U.S.

Food and Drug :

  • Administration to sell the device, but was given the green light to
  • conduct human trials after agency officials assessed
  • the safety risks of the cerebral chip.

In 2022 :

animal rights groups alleged that Neuralink had mutilated monkeys' brains

as accused by the non-profit Committee of Physicians for Responsible 

Medicine of conducting "invasive and lethal" experiments on primates.

Neuralink said volunteers in the first human clinical trials would be people

with limited or no use of both hands due to a cervical spinal injury

or neurological disorder affecting neurons.

The device :

is designed to explain a person's neural activity

so that they can operate a computer or smartphone by simply thinking about

movement, without the need for wires or physical movement.

Musk has provided :

no further comment on the news since announcing

the patient's progress on the evening of Monday, February 19.