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A study identifying the best time of day to exercise "to reduce the risk of premature death"


A study identifying the best time of 

day to exercise :

 "to reduce the risk of premature death"

It is no secret that exercise is the key to staying healthy. In addition to improving

your mood and lowering stress, physical activity can protect you from the long

term risk of certain conditions.

A team of researchers from :

the University of Sydney followed up on 30 thousand overweight people over eight

years. Approximately 3000 participants were also suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Exercise at the end of the day protects against cardiovascular

disease and reduces the risk of premature death by 61%.

The study :

  • published in the journal Diabetes Care, analysed the data of
  • 29,836 adults over the age of 40 from the UK Biobank

The researchers focused on people classified as obese, with a BMI of 30 or more

because "they are at higher risk of major cardiovascular disease, such as heart

attacks and strokes, and premature death", according to Dr Angelo Sabag

a physiologist and lecturer at the University of Sydney School of Medicine.

"Exercising is by no means the only solution to the obesity crisis, but this research

suggests that those who can plan their activity at certain times of the day may

better compensate for some of these health risks."

Participants were divided into four groups based on

their tendency to move from today:

Their exercises :

were monitored 24 hours a day by devices worn on the wrist.

Using NHS data and national records in Scotland, researchers were able to follow

participants' health pathways for approximately eight years.

During this period, they recorded 1,425 deaths, 3,980 cardiovascular conditions

and 2162 cases of microvascular dysfunction, a type of heart disease that affects

the smallest blood vessels from coronary arteries, the large blood vessels that

supply blood to the heart.

Participants with pre-existing cardiovascular

disease and cancer were excluded from the study.

The researchers found that compared to those who did not exercise

people who allocated time in the evening to movement had a 61%

lower risk of dying from any cause, a 36% lower risk of cardiovascular disease

and a 24% lower risk of microvascular disease.

Researchers also found exercise in the morning

and afternoon useful, but not as much as evening exercise.

Morning exercise was associated with a 33% lower risk of premature death

and a 17% lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

The risk of premature death fell to 40% for the afternoon group

and they also had a 16% reduction in the risk of heart disease.

Interestingly :

the number of times people exercise seems

more important to health than the total time spent in motion.

Researchers noted the same trend in participants with type 2 diabetes

with those exercising in the evening showing the lowest rates of death and illness.