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Foods that improve mood and enhance nervous sentence work


Foods that improve mood

and enhance nervous sentence work

Russian doctor Natalia Tananakina identified some types of food that have a role

in improving mood and enhancing brain action and neurological sentence.

During a television interview

the doctor said:

"There are many food products that have a positive impact on improving human

 mood. including yogurt and fermented milk products not added to industrial

 materials, As well as some types of pickles such as cabbage dysfunction

these foods help :

  • improve the functioning of the intestine and also improve the mood
  • It contains probiotics or so-called biostimulants that

"Microorganisms found in certain types of foods help preserve beneficial intestinal

bacteria in the body :

  • which directly affects the production of serotonin
  • the hormone responsible for behavior, resistance to stress
  • appetite and even libido, whose excretion contributes to improved mood."

The doctor noted that eating bananas may also help improve bananas, as they

contain sugar, fibre and vitamin B6, all of which are essential 

for the health of the nervous system.

Russian dietitian Jelena Bashkirova had previously also indicated that foods rich in

omega-3, folic acid and bioflavonoid help improve mood, including fish

leafy vegetables, berries and some spices.

Nutritionist Tatyana Strelnikova :

on the other hand, advised to eat nuts :

  1. legumes
  2. whole grains
  3. fish
  4. seafood

vegetables and fruits :

noting that these foods contain amino acid tryptophan

which affects serotonin action, which in turn contributes to mood improvement.