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The effect of laughter on health


The effect of laughter on health

Laughter positively affects cardiovascular health, organs and organs of

the body and helps to remember information and prolong life.

"People who always laugh have healthier hearts and blood vessels, and longer

lives," says Professor Olga Tkachova, a geriatrician director of the Russian Centre

for Aging Research, speaking to the newspaper Izvestia on the occasion of April 1.

and that people who laugh more than once a week have a lower risk of death

and cardiovascular complications than those who laugh less than once a month. "

The professor notes that laughter is not only an emotional reaction, but directly

affects a variety of brain processes, including pain and the immune system.

She says :

  1. "So watching comedies increases
  2. the threshold for pain, that is
  3. it reduces the severity of pain.

This is due to the production of certain neurotransmitters

(serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, oxytocin)

during laughter

which reduces the severity of pain, and creates a sense of well-being and joy.

Laughter also stimulates the growth of immune system

cells that produce antibodies, reducing exposure to infectious diseases. "

According to her :

laughter helps to remember information better.

This explains that the limbic system, which is responsible for the emotional

 reaction in the form of laughter, is in close contact with the fortification

the part of the brain in which memory forms.

So emotionally charged information is better remembered.

She says:

  • "Laughter activates breathing and improves blood circulation in
  • all organs of the body. "Thus, laughter can be used as part of
  • general strengthening exercises, for example with patients
  • who find it difficult to perform regular physical activity."

Laughter 30 minutes

a day helps prolong life

The results of a study conducted by the doctors of the Institute of

  • Physical Psychiatry "Riza" revealed that laughter
  • for 30 minutes a day can improve indicators of
  • the functioning of the body's organs.

According to

the results of the study by doctors

laughter for 30 minutes a day, has a positive and healthy effect in the body.

  • For example, regular laughter helps improve the quality of sleep
  • and protects against the effect of stress and regulates
  • the functioning of the heart, liver and lungs.

Doctors note that :

"laughter-induced vibrations stimulate circulation and internal organ movement

protecting them from stagnation. Laughter is especially important

for those who are 40 years old, at this age the immunity of

the body is enhanced and this is very important for cancer prevention. "

The researchers add that :

when laughing, the heartbeat decreases, the arteries expand

and the compound "interferon-gamma" activates

increasing the secretion of antibodies (immunoglobulin).

This has also been accompanied by an increase in neurotransmitters

called "happiness hormones". All this allows a human to

get rid of psychological stress and lowers the level of stress hormones.

As a result of the above, the accumulation of

daily laughter effect in the body ultimately helps to prolong life.