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Why do experts recommend drinking coffee before napping?


Why do experts recommend

drinking coffee before napping?

Experts have reported that drinking coffee before napping may be

the secret to waking up feeling refreshed, although this may seem abnormal.

James Wilson

sleep expert at Mattress Online


  • "Caffeine takes about 30 minutes to be metabolized
  • and when you wake up, you can get the double benefit of 
  • regenerating activity thanks to napping and caffeine alertness."

Indeed :

  • science can explain this claim, as a 2010 study found that taking
  • a nap immediately after drinking some coffee can enhance
  • the brain's ability to receive caffeine.

Although it may seem that coffee may prevent you from sleeping

caffeine takes a long time to affect the brain.

Experts show that drinking caffeine just before bed and staying asleep for

about 20 minutes is the perfect way to get a comfortable nap

according to Health Line.

Sleeping for more than 30 minutes can make a person

feel sleepy because they may go into deeper sleep.

To improve your sleep at night

you should not drink coffee less than 6 hours before bedtime.

  • The ideal amount of caffeine to be consumed
  • before bed to feel more alert is two cups of
  • coffee or 200 mg of caffeine.

Wilson stressed that getting caffeine before taking a nap might not be appropriate

for everyone. However, napping has different health benefits

especially if you suffer from sleep deprivation.

Napping can give you a boost of mindfulness, make you more productive

and can help you if you sleep against your normal daily rhythm.

According to experts, it is necessary not to take a nap too late in

the day as it may backfire and make sleep more difficult at night.

As a rule :

experts recommend a minimum six-hour wake between napping and bedtime.