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Noam Chomsky, a political philosopher, on the GOP: "It's not a political party; it's a radical insurrection."

 Noam Chomsky, a political philosopher, on the GOP: "It's not a political party; it's a radical insurrection."

The renowned academic and political commentator Noam Chomsky has stated that the Republican Party in its current form in the United States is more of a radical insurgency aiming to undermine elections and the role of government in society to overthrow democracy

What did Chomsky say?

  • Chomsky's remarks are in response to Trump's attempt to delegitimize the 2020 election's integrity, as well as the uprising that ensued.
  • He mentioned Trump's cult-like following and how his supporters will do whatever he says. "This group has taken over the Republican Party."

  • And Chomsky forbade saying the Republican Party's disbelief in working with Democrats "makes the whole country face many problems, and then all the blame will be on the Democrats, That isn't the name of a political party.

  •  That's a revolutionary uprising. "I don't care about democracy."

How is the Republican Party becoming more radical?

  1- In any meaningful sense, the Republican Party does not function as a political party. It is ideologically extreme, for one thing. According to the New York Times, 89 percent of Republicans are conservative, while only 39 percent of Americans are.

  2- Consider one of its few departures from ideological orthodoxy: its new stance on immigration reform.

  3- John McCain ran for president in 2008 and advocated for comprehensive immigration reform. The majority of conservative candidates today oppose it.

  4- This shift in policy positions appears to be part of a larger trend that includes increased extremism within individual parties as well as asymmetric polarisation between them.

  5- According to research by Stanford University political scientist Morris Fiorina and colleagues, Democrats were slightly more conservative than Republicans for most of American history (and independents slightly less so).

However, since 1980, these roles have been reversed.

The Republican Party Has Devolved Into An Extremist Organization :-

The Republican Party has shifted to the right to the point where it is no longer recognisable as a political party. Even centrist figures like David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, and Colin Powell, who have all admitted that they are no longer members of what was once America's mainstream conservative party, have acknowledged the party's extremism and intransigence.

Their claims are backed up by a mountain of evidence. In fact, in recent months, we have witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. One of America's two major political parties has been taken over by a radical insurgency.