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President Biden has rejected Trump's claims of executive privilege and ordered the release of the White House visitor logs from January 6th.


President Joe Biden faked his predecessor Donald Trump's claims of executive privilege again :-

 The White House stated in a letter to the National Archives that the revelation was in the interest of the country.

At the request of the Congressional Committee investigating the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, U.S. President Joe Biden ordered the publication of the White House visitor records of his predecessor, Donald Trump, since that day.

Joe Biden's decision :-

According to White House adviser Dana Remus in a letter to the National Archives, Biden considered Trump's claim of executive privilege but ultimately decided not to keep the visitors' records private because it was "not in the interest of the United States."

According to Remus, Biden, like the Obama administration, "voluntarily publishes such visitor information on a regular basis." She went on to say that the allegations of executive privilege for Trump would have been applicable to the visitor records usually published by the Biden administration.

Data collection :-

The committee, formed on January 6, is gathering as much information as possible to set up riots in the United States Capitol, which have attempted to disrupt the peaceful transition of power in the United States by blocking the ratification process.

The committee is also studying funding and planning the rally on Ellipse that Trump and his family attended when he urged his supporters to "fight like hell."

After analyzing the information :-

  • Congressional investigators are trying to figure out how much coordination there was between the organizers, the funders, and the Trump administration.

  • Trump moved 15 cartoons of materials requested by the National Archives to Mar-a-Lago, Florida, after he left office. The committee, which was formed on January 6, is now looking for a connection between the National Archives and Trump's advisers about the contents of those boxes.

  • The records from January 6 that the Committee has already obtained do not contain any information about calls received or issued by Trump that day.

  • Investigators trying to compile a timeline of events that day face a particular obstacle in the lack of such information.

  • The Presidential Records Act provides for the retention of records of the President and White House employees in the national archives.

last result :-

  1- The Department of External Affairs is responsible for ensuring the delivery of historical materials to the National Archives.

  2- Trump tried to hide archival information and failed to do so, and the Supreme Court ruled against him.

  3- Biden stated that unless he was forced to do so, he would not use the executive privilege of examining the January 6 commission at the events of that day.

Trump hinted at a presidential attempt in 2024, although he has yet to make a formal announcement. He continues to deny the results of the 2020 election, claiming that they were stolen from him without providing any evidence.