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Work Less Achieve More, Right After Reading This Article!


Work Less Achieve More, Right After Reading This Article!

Do less do more :-

Have you ever wanted thirty - six hours a day because 24 hours is not enough?

 Deadlines for certain tasks and projects seem too close to be completed on time.
Worse :
an unbalanced lifestyle reinforces the tension that makes you unhappy and misses the beauty of your life. However, you're not the only person with 24 hours a day, the busiest people with the busiest schedules on the planet have exactly the same amount of time.

They're good at managing time because they know how well time management makes their lives better.

Wouldn't it be nice to finish your project or your mission before a certain time

so you could take a break or have a cup of coffee? 

When you manage your time wisely, you'll have more free time for yourself. And more than that, you won't get too nervous because you know exactly what comes next (most of the time).

The best part is, you'll have the best work and balance of life that will give enough time to spend with your loved ones or practice a hobby.

If you've got a conviction :

let's take a look at how to effectively manage our precious time with these four proven technologies.

Effective method :-

The first and most effective method is to plan your day in advance.

Think about what you're gonna do tomorrow of the day and write it down. Of course there are several ways you can plan your day.

For example, the newspaper ; 

  • Many successful people keep a magazine
  • magazines are already made for planning purposes
  • so it's easy to plan your day with a magazine. 

As a matter of fact :

after I started a journal

my life changed a lot. For me, the press does more than plan for tomorrow because it helps me track the whole year. That means the press will give you the most accurate analysis of the year and you'll be able to see your development, also correct your mistakes for next year.

How to write your day :-

Another way to plan your day in the future is to have a work list. 

It's simple, easy, and it can be made at any one time, simply writing down what you're doing for today.

To lists in your diary.

To make the list of work effective

you should schedule your tasks.

 to reflect on any task that needs to be done;

Write an article, hit the gym or prepare for the finals. Whatever your mission is, set time limits for specific tasks. For example, an hour-long study, by doing so, forces yourself to finish your studies in an hour, and as a result, avoids distraction.

But wait, how do you guess when I appreciate a particular mission or activity? 

If you're unsure about how long you have to set for a mission

then simply test it. Put your time clock (you have that on your phone if it's not online) and stop it when you do it, and now you know how long this specific task lasts. While doing this, you should avoid any distractions like social media or phone calls, remember, you have limited time to finish your job.

since time management is all about

getting better than your time

prioritization is key.  And if it's your job to eat two frogs, you better eat the biggest one first, "Mark Twain said.  After it's done, do less related tasks. By doing that your workflow gets more organized and helps you be more enough.

take your time. Take a regular break.

Without enough comfort

you can't be productive. You can arrange breaks with the Pomodoro technology developed by Francesco Cerillo. Basically, you work twenty - five minutes of cutting and you have a five - minute break. However, I've modified this technology for myself and you can do the same because this is like a template you can use.

time splitting :-

You can use this amazing template in two ways, here's what I did, first, I changed the time slots, for me it's forty-five minutes work and five minutes replay.

When I write, I make the chart first

after I'm done with the chart, I take a ten - minute break, then I start writing. As you can see, you can change the time blocks or you can adapt them to yourselves based on tasks.

Because specifically the tasks, for me it's writing, you get really focused and you're in flux, so you don't want to stop. After completing four courses like this, it takes longer than 20 minutes to rest. Again, use it as suits you.

Last one, you have a morning routine and wake up early. How does your day start?

Do you check your smartphone and go on social media or make your bed?

If you're on the phone

  • then you're wasting your time. Here's what happens
  • I've tracked how much time I spend on social media in the morning
  • and it's been about 30 minutes.

Instead of spending thirty minutes on social media, I started taking advantage of that time myself, the improvement was incredible. If you don't believe me, try yourself!