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Introduction of Gold Ball Award reforms with reliance on sports season

Introduction of Gold Ball Award reforms with reliance on sports season

 French magazine France Fútbol today revealed Friday that reforms have been made to the prestigious Golden Ball Award, which is awarded annually to the world's best footballer.

The newspaper stated that it would rely on the results of the 2021-2022 season instead of the calendar year for its selection.

The Golden Ball Award has traditionally been distributed at the end of the calendar year since its inception in 1956, but according to the new reforms it will conform to the August-July choral season, and will now have a smaller jury and will adopt a clear preliminary selection and criteria, in accordance with the new regulations revealed by France Fútbol in its version to be published tomorrow Saturday.

  • The editor of France Fútbol, Pascal Ferré, said Friday during a presentation in Bolognese-Billancourt that it was "an opportunity to give new impetus. Previously, the judgment (about the best player and player) was based on half two seasons, and (now) it would be more readable. "

  • The next awards ceremony will take place in September or October 2022 in order to determine who was best during the season that began a year earlier, in the summer of 2021, taking into account in particular the men's Champions League (final on 28 May) and European Women's Cup (between 6 and 31 July).

  • These reforms are in line with the major adjustment of the chrome calendar by moving the Men's World Cup from summer to November and December, with a view to fitting the climate of host Qatar.

The next edition of the Golden Ball will certainly not take into account the performance of the players in Qatar's Mondial 2022, but will be rewarded for their efforts in the 2023 edition of the award.

France Fútbol introduced other notable changes, such as the inclusion of former ivory international star Didier Drogba in the committee responsible for selecting the shortlist of candidates, which includes the editors of the magazine and the sports newspaper Lekip.

The decision was also made to reduce the size of the Arbitration Commission, which still includes journalists (one from each country), but allowing representatives of the 100 best-ranked countries globally to participate in voting for the Men's Prize (instead of the former 170) and the 50 best-rated women's prize.

France Fútbol believed that this ensured that journalists with "experience" would vote.

Determine award criteria :-

  1- Criteria for award have also been established: "Individual performance" and "critical and striking personality of competitors" will be the first standard, before "collective aspect and titles won" and "stature and athleticism."

  2- Ferré argued that "It's about avoiding confusion, and being clear and consistent: The Golden Ball is an individual distinction, based on individual performance. "

  3- In so doing, the player's career will no longer be taken into account, in order to avoid making the Golden Ball a prize for measuring certain players who enjoy an aura in this game, similar to the Argentine star Lionel Messi, who crowned it last year for the seventh time in his career, has drawn criticism for some considering that his Polish summer Robert Levandowski deserved it more than he did.