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Donald Trump boasts about damaging footage of him obtained by Congress on January 6


Donald Trump launched a Twitter sermon criticizing Twitter shortly before he arrived on stage at a rally in Ohio.

"Why did Twitter quickly delete this video I shot on January 6th, and why doesn't the unselected committee of political hackers talk about it?" Trump said.

Liz Harrington's spokeswoman, who has never been on Twitter like her boss, shared a video of Trump stating his admiration for "very unique" Capitol troublemakers.

The film opened with Trump's sympathy for violent rebels aimed at overturning Joe Biden's 2020 election victory.

"I know your pain; I know you're hurt. 

  1. We had an election stolen from us, "Trump brazenly lied.
  2. It was a crushing election
  3. and everyone knows that, especially the other side.

Trump told the rebels to go home while praising them, "We love you."

"You're so special," Trump added.

Philip Rucker and Carol Leonig of The Washington Post described the origin of the video in their 2021 book, I Can Alone Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Disastrous Final Year.

  • The President's message was starkly contradictory.
  • He recorded three footage
  • each time he deviated from the text prepared by his speechwriters. 
  • The version that was released was the most acceptable option, "they reported.

The video was obtained by the House :

Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

The Select Committee also received footage from a documentary film company that captured key moments leading up to the Capitol attack, including parts of an encounter between Proud Boys and Oath Keepers leaders.

Goldcrest Films International

a documentary company, obtained key footage during filming outside the Capitol on January 6 and traced gang members inside.

 The crew was also present during a 30

  • minute discussion between Proud Boys National President Enrique Tarrio
  • and Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes
  • which aroused the interest of federal prosecutors.

In previous newspaper stories :

the Goldcrest documentary recounted that they were allowed unusually wide access to Tarrio and other members of the Proud Boys. 

In recent Ministry of Justice documents related to the trial of several members of the 6 January gang, the institution has already been mentioned. 

The video helped FBI agents identify some people accused of breaking into the Capitol.

The spokeswoman for the Select Committee declined to comment on the video.