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First trainer in history. Ancelotti is unique in a legendary achievement!


First trainer in history. 

Ancelotti is unique in a legendary achievement!

Italy's Carlo Ancelotti became the first coach in history to be crowned the top five European football leagues, after leading Real Madrid to the La Liga champions' title on Saturday night.

Real Madrid sealed the title of champion of


  • for the current season (2021-2022) in his favour early
  • following a broad victory over hosts Espanyol
  • by a clean quartet in the match they compiled on
  • Saturday night, at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium
  • as part of the 34th round of the league.

According to OPTA

which specializes in world football figures and statistics

Carlo Ancelotti is the first coach in history to win the national championship in all five major European leagues (Spanish, English, Italian, German and French).

Carlo Ancelotti's career began with the five major league titles

winning the Serie A champions' title in 2004, and later the Premier League with Chelsea in 2010.

leading Paris Saint-Germain to the 2013 Ligue 1 title, after which they secured the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich in 2017
before leading Real Madrid today to the La Liga title.

OPTA Figures and Statistics reported that Real Madrid

winning their 35th La Liga title

had become the most decorated team in the history of the five major European leagues, surpassing Italian Juventus, capped by 34 titles.

  • Real Madrid are top of
  • the La Liga standings with 81 points
  • 17 points clear of runner-up Sevilla

with only 4 rounds remaining at the end of the season, and Barcelona is third with 63 points, taking them from 33 games.