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Biden makes a mockery of his declining popularity. We had a terrible scourge followed by two years of Covid


Biden makes a mockery of his declining popularity.

We had a terrible scourge followed by two years of Covid

US President Joe Biden mocked his declining popularity in polls and criticized his predecessor Donald Trump for not attending the White House Correspondents' Association's traditional annual dinner during his term.

"I am so excited to be here tonight with the only American group whose popularity is less than mine!" Biden said in his opening address at the White House Reporters Association dinner on Saturday.

Biden acknowledged that years have been difficult.

"We had a terrible scourge, followed by two years of Covid."

  • Biden also addressed serious topics such as the conflict in Ukraine

  • and challenges facing "democracy

  • and media freedom" at home and abroad.
  • He paid tribute to journalists covering the war in Ukraine

  • and warned against "poison passing through

  • our democracy.. as misinformation grows exponentially ".

He added : 

You are the free press. Your importance is greater than it was in the last century."

The tradition of holding this dinner dates back to 1924 and has involved all the presidents of the United States since 1980, with the exception of Donald Trump. The dinner was held at the Hilton Hotel in Washington and was attended by 2,600 people.

Receiving a COVID-19 vaccine was mandatory for dinner

but many questioned Biden's 79-year-old wisdom. Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive for the virus last week, and Anthony Fauci, the White House's adviser on infectious diseases, did not participate in the evening.

Biden did not have dinner, in a precautionary measure

but did not put on a mask.

Biden: Russia is using energy as a weapon and we won't let it "intimidate" Europe

US President Joe Biden said in a speech at the White House on Thursday that the US would "not allow" Russia to "intimidate Europe" by cutting energy supplies.

"Russia is using energy as a weapon against those who stood against it in the war on Ukraine," Biden said, stating in the context that Washington is working with allied countries to help Europeans who are "threatened by Russia and blackmailed by energy."

The United States was working with its allies to

transfer natural gas to Poland and Bulgaria.

In his speech

the US president stated that the US "does not attack Russia" but rather "helps Ukraine defend itself in the war on the territory of the latter more than two months ago," pointing out that "military aid provided forced Moscow to retreat in Kyiv."

Biden noted that

"the threat of nuclear weapons is irresponsible."

His country had provided intelligence and anti-armour weapons to Ukrainian forces, indicating that Washington's weapons had arrived in Ukraine and could be used in combat.

His country had provided Ukrainian troops

with "10 anti-armour weapons for every Russian tank".

"We have provided intelligence to Ukraine to defend itself", he continued, promising more military support for Kiev to confront the Russian army.

Biden stated that

  • while the administration has maintained its position of
  • not deploying U.S. troops to Ukraine
  • it is stationed on the eastern side of NATO
  • to support U.S. allies, explaining that

there has been growing concern in recent days that

Russia could extend beyond Ukraine's borders.

"Ukraine's support is costly, but the United States cannot remain impartial."

Biden sent a "message" to Russian business leaders

saying "we will take over their yachts and other illicit gains."

Biden also acknowledged how war in Ukraine, an important source of wheat and grain for countries in the Middle East and North Africa, could contribute to global food shortages, announcing that some assistance would be provided to American farmers so that they could try to close the gap for poor countries that depend on Ukraine for wheat and grain.

Biden said Ukraine's war had caused a loss of 10% of grain exports globally.