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In conjunction with Jill Biden and Justin Trudeau German Parliament Speaker arrives in Ukraine

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In conjunction with Jill Biden and Justin Trudeau... German Parliament Speaker arrives in Ukraine

President of the German Parliament Berbel Bass on Sunday visited the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and its suburbs, and met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and Prime Minister Denis Shmigal.

She visited the town of Bucha on the outskirts of Kiev, where Ukrainian authorities had accused Russian forces of killing dozens of civilians, and Moscow had categorically rejected the accusations and confirmed that they were fabricated accusations that called for an independent international investigation into these slurs.

The mayor of Erbin, Alexander Markochin, confirmed that Bass had also visited his city today, where they discussed "the possibility of Germany providing focused assistance for the reconstruction of the city's destroyed infrastructure."

German Vice-President Catherine Göring Eckart also visited the southern Ukrainian city of Odessa, where she held talks with the head of the regional military administration, Maxime Marchenko.

This followed the surprise visits of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US First Lady Jill Biden to Ukraine today.

U.S. Foreign and Defense Ministers Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin held talks in Kiev on their first visit to Ukraine since the start of the Russian military operation, U.S. officials confirmed.

  1. During their visit on Sunday, Blinken and Austin expressed their solidarity with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.
  2. During the visit, the ministers announced the gradual return of United States diplomats to Ukraine as of "this week".
  3.  and the allocation of more than $700 million in additional military assistance, both direct and indirect, including about $300 million to help the country buy the necessary weapons.
  4.  a senior foreign minister said.

Payments will also be made to Ukraine's regional allies who need it after they send weapons to their neighbour.

The official continued to journalists waiting for Blinken and Austin on the Polish side of the border that "

since the start of the hostilities, we have had a cross-border team in Poland taking over this work on our behalf." "Starting this week, members of this group will be able to travel daily to Ukraine," he added, adding that "ultimately, they will resume their presence in Kyiv."

Blinken announced that in the coming days, U.S. President Joe Biden plans to nominate the current U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia, Bridget Brink, as Ambassador to Kyiv, who has been vacant since 2019.

Warnings of global war due to US strategy to weaken Russia

  1. Foreign Policy warned that Russia's weakening strategy, chosen by the current US administration, could lead to the Ukrainian crisis becoming a global war.
  2. The magazine wrote in an article published Friday that the US president.
  3. Joe Biden, by using a "strategy of weakening Russia" could turn the war in Ukraine into a global war. " Earlier this week.
  4. Biden and his allies made a series of radical changes that turn their policy of helping Ukraine defend against Russia into "a policy of undermining Russia's own power and influence."

According to the magazine, a number of experts express concerns that the West in doing so "leaves Russian President Vladimir Putin with no choice but to surrender, or to redouble his military efforts, making it more likely that his war will expand beyond Ukraine."

Sean Monaghan, an expert at the Center for International Research and Strategy in Washington, was quoted as saying: 

  • "In the opinion of the Kremlin, the West seeks to damage Russia. That was going on unopenly, and now they're talking about it publicly.
  • If you combine this with Biden's comment in Poland last month that this man (Putin) cannot stay in power, it all turns this regional war into a wider confrontation.
  • and it could make it more difficult, or even impossible at the moment, to negotiate a settlement to end the war in Ukraine. "

According to former CIA analyst George Benn, the Washington administration risks forgetting that "the main national interest of the United States is to prevent a nuclear dispute with Russia.

  1. " He added: "Russia has the opportunity to make sure that if you lose, everyone loses too. That might be what we're heading towards right now. 
  2. This juncture can be dangerous. "

The magazine also quoted a statement by a European diplomat who refused to give his name as saying: "It is one thing to practice a policy of weakening Putin, but another is to formally declare it. We must therefore provide Putin with an opportunity to reach a political settlement, so these (overt Western) statements are probably irresponsible. "