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Washington Attorney General Sues Zuckerberg Over Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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The District of Columbia Prosecutor of the United States Capital Carl Racine sued Meta President Mark Zuckerberg in connection with the transfer of data to the analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.

Racine Zuckerberg is accused of being directly involved in decisions that led to the leak of personal data to millions of Facebook users as well as misleading users about privacy protection.

  • "This unprecedented security breach revealed personal information to tens of millions of Americans
  • and Zuckerberg's policies have allowed users to mislead for years about the extent of Facebook's wrongdoing"

Racine said.

  • "The decision to sue Zuckerberg is based on the review of hundreds of thousands of documents produced during the ongoing case against Facebook
  • as well as statements by Facebook managers, former employees and whistleblowers."
  • The evidence shows that Zuckerberg was personally involved in Facebook's failure to protect the privacy and data of its users, which led directly to the Cambridge Analytica incident."

Facebook has been facing scrutiny over the Cambridge Analytica breach for years, and the FTC ordered the company to pay $5 billion in fines for privacy violations.

After the Facebook scandal... Cambridge Analytica is making its bankruptcy famous!

The British company Cambridge Analytica, the focus of the Facebook user data exploitation scandal, famously went bankrupt in the United States by filing an application in this direction with a New York court.

  1. A judicial source said Friday that the data analytics company
  2. which collected personal information about social media users for use in political campaigns, filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday.
  3. The company initiated bankruptcy proceedings this month in Britain and the United States
  4. and immediately halted operations, stating that it had been defamed for legal activities.

Documents revealed that the company's assets range from $100,000 to $500,000 and its debts are estimated at $1 million to $10 million.

  • The company that campaigned for President Donald Trump in 2016 was embroiled in a scandal last March when Canadian analyst Christopher Wiley
  • 28, revealed that it had used a Facebook app to gather information on 87 million social media users
  • and the company strongly denied that the data had been used for the Trump campaign.

The British group SCL Group, owner of Cambrig Analytica, closed its U.S. headquarters in May against the backdrop of a Facebook users' personal data leak scandal.

SCL Group and Cambridge Analytica have headquarters in London, New York, Washington and Arlington.

On April 11, the acting director of Cambrig Analytica resigned after the former director, Alexander Knicks, was removed from office because of the scandal that contributed to current President Donald Trump's victory in the election race.