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Will Brad Pitt retire from acting?

 Famous American star Brad Pitt topped the news titles, after hinting in his final interview that the end of his career was approaching after 30 years of success.

The former husband of star Angelina Jolie said in an interview with GQ magazine: "I consider myself at my last stop, in the last semester..

How will this section be? How do I want to design that? "

Brad Pitt continued: "I am one of the beings who speaks through the art that you offer; So... If I do not find what I deserve to offer; I will move away somehow. "

In the same interview, Brad addressed his divorce; He revealed that he had suffered from nightmares and psychological pain for several years after his divorce from Angelina Jolie, preferring loneliness and remaining unconnected.

Explaining that he had experienced a recurring nightmare that had haunted him for 4 or 5 years after the divorce, Pete said:

  • "It is always at night, in the dark, as I walk on a sidewalk in a garden or on a wooden walkway
  • As I crossed under a street lamp, I was chasing evil spirits.
  • Someone was jumping out of the abyss and stabbing me in the ribs, or noticing that I was being stalked.
  • But I realize I'm trapped to do physical damage to me.
  • or to be chased in a house with a child who I would have helped escape, but who was hung on the deck. "

The 58-year-old star confirmed that he got rid of all that and all those dreams stopped, having become able to draw facts about fears and feeling insecure and lonely, just as they often revolved around buried needs.

Although almost 6 years have passed since their separation, problems between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have not yet ended; in particular with regard to the issue of custody of children.

  1. The Things recently reported in the United States
  2. Quoting a source close to World Representative Brad Pitt
  3. the latter accuses his divorce Angelina Jolie of trying to tarnish his image and relationship with their six sons
  4. with a view to depriving him of custody of his children or even seeing them.

According to the report, Brad knew that Angelina would never agree to joint custody; So you try to buy time through evasion and legal tricks; Until the children are 18 years of age, they will be able to deprive them of their vision; They cannot legally be forced to visit him.

But Brad Pitt won't give up on that;

  •  He will continue for his children; because he loves them
  • and is sure that he has a legitimate right to see them and participate in their care; Far from his feud with Angelina.
  • Page Six also revealed that Angelina Jolie had filed a suit against the FBI
  • Claim the right to information relating to the investigation of the 2016 incident of domestic violence between Brad and her son, but in a pseudonym.

Angelina filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act under the name "Jane Doe", with a view to learning more about the FBI's investigation into a similar incident on a private jet years ago, during which he was charged with the violator, identical to the incident she had experienced with her family, without charging Brad, and finding out why.

Jane Doe, who requested anonymity and the identity of her husband; Because they are so famous:

"Years ago, while the plaintiff, her husband and their minor children were on a private plane, the husband physically and verbally assaulted the plaintiff and her children. After the investigation, the Bureau of Investigation announced that it would close its investigation without further action."

Angelina Jolie tries to access information that enables her to convict her ex-husband; Especially with continuing disagreements between them over custody of children and other matters.

Brad Pitt's new film

at the professional level; The film "Paulette Tren," directed by David Leach, is the last work portrayed by the star, which will be released this summer.

The film follows five murderers caught on interconnected duties aboard a high-speed train.

The film was co-starred by:

  • Sandra Bullock
  • Joey King
  • Brian Tyree Henry
  • Zazi Peter
  • Michael Shannon
  • Andrew Coogee
  • Aaron Taylor Johnson
  • And music artist Bad Bunny.