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Donald Trump is angry that his application of social media is garbage and a fiasco

 Former President Donald Trump is outraged by the lackluster launch of his new social networking app, Truth Social.

  • According to the Daily Beast, Trump was heard on the phone "unjustifiably right" and demanding "what happens" with the app, according to sources.
  • The long-awaited app was launched by the former president on February 20, but was hampered by technical problems.
  • Many users say they were unable to register accounts or put in queues after downloading the app.

According to individuals who spoke to The Daily Beast, the former president has been grumbling about the negative coverage surrounding the launch of the failed app, demanding to know why it is not used by more people and why it does not overwhelm the market.

According to The Daily Beast report, the app traffic check reveals that Truth Social's performance is worse or similar to that of its MAGA Gab and Gettr counterparts.

According to the publication, Truth Social saw a strong jump of about 2 million visitors per day when it first launched, but then dropped to an average of about 300,000 daily visits thereafter, according to data from traffic research site LikeWeb.

According to the publication, this puts the site at Gettr level but well below Gab, which had approximately 650,000 daily views in the same time period.

Gap mobile apps have been blocked from Apple and Google app stores.

According to The Daily Beast, the lack of traffic on Truth Social can be attributed to the app's long backlog, which now has more than 1 million members.

There is currently no Android or web version, and it can only be accessed through the Apple App Store. According to Axios, the former president has yet to publish Truth Social, preferring instead to appear on television and radio to talk about current events.

Truth Social is currently restricting access to the app, so Insider cannot confirm whether or not Trump posted.

The former president is the founder and chairman of Truth Social, which he founded after being banned from Twitter and Facebook after the January 6 Capitol incident.

According to Axios, Trump spoke with several news outlets about Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but has not yet shared his thoughts on Truth Social, where it could have received more attention.

The Trump account contains only one post, from a test trial in mid-February, in which users were advised: "Prepare yourself! You'll meet your favorite boss soon! "

After being banned from several social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, following the January 6 Capitol blockade, Trump revealed in October 2021 that he was developing his own social media app.

Trump rebuked the platforms for deleting his accounts, accusing them of clamping down on freedom of expression.