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"With a battle described as pure hell..." Gunman kills 3 Kentucky police

 Three police officers were killed and five others injured in eastern Kentucky, when a man with a rifle opened fire on police trying to execute an arrest warrant.

Police arrested 49-year-old Lance Stortz late Thursday night, after an hours-long confrontation at a house in Allen, a small town in the hills of Appalachia.

An emergency management official was also injured and a police dog was killed, according to the arrest statement.

Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt told reporters on Friday afternoon that the elements who responded faced "pure hell" when they arrived at the scene.

He added that Stortes had surrendered after negotiations involving members of his family, and told local media that law enforcement agents were carrying out an injunction on Thursday evening on a case of domestic violence.

Hunt said one of the elements, William Petrie, and Police Captain Prestonsburg Ralph Frasur, were killed in the shooting.

In a social media post on Friday evening, police said another member of Prestonsburg, Jacob Chaffins, died after being hospitalized.

Spillane indicated that "Texas Rangers" - the state's elite police force - would investigate, and that it was not yet clear what motivated the shooting.

A woman was found dead inside a house and a man was found dead abroad. Police Sergeant Rick Alexander said late Saturday that the adult woman who initially called emergency number 911 was injured, adding that the suspect was found with a "military-style rifle" and a gun.