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Trump is said to be afraid that he could face criminal investigations forever. It is believed that enemies will sue him for the rest of his life.

The ongoing lawsuits against former President Donald Trump appear to make him and his team worried that he may be fighting an eternal stream of legal problems.


The ongoing lawsuits against former President Donald Trump appear to make him and his team worried that he may be fighting an eternal stream of legal problems.

With the Senate trial in the background, Trump now faces a whole host of other legal dramas during the immediate post-presidency. Trump is no longer protected by the great legal protection of the Oval Office, and Trump has been particularly bemoaned that his opponents will investigate or "sue me for the rest of my life," according to a person who has discussed the matter with him in the past a few weeks. "

One of the most famous examples is Rep. Benny Thompson (D.) in Inciting Capitol Crowds on January 6.

According to the report, MSNBC anchor and former GOP congressman Joe Scarborough met with lawyers to discuss suing over Trump's allegations that a Scarborough employee was killed.

Trump also faces legal problems in New York, the capital, and Georgia over a number of alleged crimes:

"Legal exposure may extend beyond political affiliations, as voting technology companies that Trump and their big allies have vilified are unfounded as part of a fictitious conspiracy to manipulate, hack and report elections to Biden have already sent numerous legal threats to individuals close to the former president."

The report concludes:

"Smartmatic and Dominion Voting Systems have already filed massive lawsuits against Giuliani, former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and others. Giuliani, who served as Trump's personal lawyer, and Powell have been making these fictitious claims of conspiracy at Trump's request, who himself pushed for such false claims on Twitter and elsewhere. "

The Trump camp also has their own lawsuits against opponents, but at least one doesn't go the way they planned.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, Melania Trump's former aide, had a big moment of celebration last week after the Justice Department announced it would file a lawsuit against her for her comprehensive book on Trump.

The Justice Department alleged in its lawsuit that Wolkoff violated a non-disclosure agreement with the White House when she published her book Melania and I, released last September.

The Justice Department issued a one-page notice informing the United States District Court in Washington, D.C. that it had rejected its claims against Wolkoff.

Wolkoff announced her move to drop the case on Twitter, also referring to the "collection" of documents in her possession that could be used against the former First Lady:

Melania opened the Pandora's Fund, which includes the Ministry of Justice. She tells the enormous amount of communication and documentation I have and shared the true story about "why" and "how" the contracts were "created" and "terminated" and who was involved. prevailing truth. "

In another tweet, she continued:

"After 4 years of Trump's tyranny against me with lies, defamation, emotional torment, ongoing lawsuits, subpoenas and millions of dollars in expenses, Melania's harsh actions and harsh words that revealed the truth (have been false) have proved justice."

In a subsequent follow-up tweet, she described the lawsuit as "a worthless attempt by Donald and Melania to use the Justice Department to pursue their personal interests, silence and intimidate me for First Amendment-protected speech."

This comes a few weeks after Wolkoff wrote a scathing op-ed for the Daily Beast.

In an op-ed, Wolkoff accuses Melania of standing by while her husband Donald Trump destroys America.

Wolkoff says she was prompted by the Capitol riots to speak out. Wolkoff described the violence as "horrific, horrific, disheartening and shameful".

It was an attack on human life and our great democracy. unfortunately, our President and the First Lady have little, if any, interest in either. "

Wolkoff calls herself "Melania's empowerment," and only one in the first couple's orbit says that she "lit and massaged their ego and deliberately approved the toxic lies and lies, veiled as facts, that built this house of mirrors."

Wolkoff says she was by no means surprised by Donald Trump's role in the Capitol riots.

Wolkoff says the Trump family "lacks personality and has no moral compass. Although my intentions to support the First Lady in launching her initiatives have always been pure, I am frustrated and ashamed to work with Melania. "

Wolkoff and Melania met more than 20 years ago and became instant friends. Wolkoff attended Melania's wedding to Trump and participated in Barron Trump's baby shower.

Immediately after Trump's inauguration, which Wolkoff helped plan, she went on to work as Melania's assistant. She was a volunteer so she didn't get paid for her time. She resigned before serving until one year after announcing a report on the inaugural committee's payment of millions to Trump-owned businesses.

After that, Wolkoff immediately put everything on paper, writing a bestselling book about her relationship with the Trump family called "Melania and Me."