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The 6 January Committee cannot wait to question Jenny Thomas about her "unprecedented" interference in the election.


The 6 January Committee cannot wait to question Jenny Thomas about her "unprecedented" interference in the election.

It has been reported that Jenny Thomas, a right-wing activist, lobbyist and Justice Clarence Thomas' wife, will testify before the House Select Committee considering the attack on Congress on January 6.

Thomas' lawyers have struggled to make her avoid appearing before the Commission, claiming that it was a "particularly stressful period", and therefore should not. Looks like it's finally happening now.

Although she did not read the entire document, committee member Rep.

Veronica Escobar (D-Texas) told Roe Story that it was a positive step.

  • That is why I and her intervened, trying to have the election results thrown out.
  • and then Clarence Thomas' subsequent verdict
  • is why I think Clarence Thomas should step down," Escobar explained.

Thomas is suspected of pressuring lawmakers in Wisconsin and Arizona to throw out their electoral votes until Donald Trump wins both states. 

In order for Republicans to influence the vote and confirm Trump's re-election, there was another lobbying process against election officials in Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania at the same time.

Text conversations from Thomas to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows show that he was also communicating with Trump's White House directly.

 Meadows was subsequently subpoenaed and directed to provide the Jan. 6 Committee with all of his electronic records from his time working at the White House. 

  • He fought the subpoena until the Supreme Court
  • where Thomas was the only judge to do so
  • and did not remove himself from the matter.
  • The texts contained information about Thomas' wife, which was later discovered

Thomas' involvement raised important ethical issues for the Supreme Court, which are supposed to be impartial and where judges are expected to exclude themselves from cases where there is a potential conflict of interest.

I believe strongly that partners shouldn't be held responsible for one another, correct?

They are independent human beings. Escobar said.

What is troubling is Clarence Thomas' judgement, which was one of his arguments to the Supreme Court outlining his profound conflict of interest

Republicans said it was "unusual" to call the Supreme Court justice's husband

but Escobar claimed Thomas' actions were new.

Her attempt to overturn the election was unprecedented," the Texas congressman said. Her handling of the rebels was unprecedented. their pressure on States is unprecedented .

As the United States has never had a president and his party willing to hold an election rebellion, other politicians have made it clear that everything surrounding the sixth of January is unusual.

Representative Annie Coster (New Hampshire) expressed confidence in the Committee's ability to ask the necessary questions and determine what had happened. 

She was probably as surprised as the rest of America when she learned that the wife of a Supreme Court judge was putting pressure on lawmakers on behalf of the President.

I believe it's critical to preserve faith in all of our democratic institutions, including the judiciary, she added.

We cannot underestimate public confidence and I think there has been an abolition of public confidence in the Supreme Court. This will therefore be her opportunity to clarify. "

She continued by expressing her belief that such scrutiny would help Americans believe in the legal system.

  • Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) and Rep.
  • Liz Cheney (R-Wis.) recently co-authored the Presidential Reform Act
  • which discussed the concept of faking the Electoral College process in place of the real one.
  • Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD), who is also a member of the Jan.

 6 committee, stated that he was interested in the idea.In the end, it received nine Republican votes in the House to pass. However, none of these deputies is running for re-election.

She continued by expressing her belief that such scrutiny would help Americans believe in the legal system.

Raskin continued :

 This subplot seems to have referred to a blueprint that includes primarily the executive branch while supporting the judiciary against the actual will of the people and the ability the power of Congress to confirm popular sentiment.

Raskin stressed that the issue of Justice Clarence Thomas' vote to defend his wife and his refusal to recuse from the case was different and did not even fall on the committee set up on 6 January.

He said: The 6 January committee does not consider the laws of judicial ethics or what reforms [are required] there.

So, this seems to me to be a separate problem. Jenny Thomas will be a witness if she is married to someone else ".

The 6 January Committee will be together on September 28 on 1 EST.