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EU reveals size of its future monthly financial assistance to Ukraine


EU reveals size of its future monthly financial assistance to Ukraine

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on Friday that the European Union plans to provide 1.5 billion euros in aid to Ukraine per month.

At a press conference in Brussels after a summit of European leaders, von der Leyen said Ukraine had told the European Union that it needed 3-4 billion euros a month from the bloc and the United States to cover its basic needs.

The European Union is planning to provide Ukraine with 1.5 billion euros ($1.46 billion) in monthly economic assistance over the next year.

She said: 

"This will total 18 billion for the upcoming year.

 They are stable and reliable expected revenues ", and" we have instructed finance ministers to develop the appropriate mechanism ".

Von der Leyen stressed the need to link European Union assistance in the reconstruction of Ukraine to the reform process in support of the country's transition to EU membership.

On relations with China

von der Leyen expressed the EU's belief that its first priority was to reduce reliance on Beijing for technology and resource imports.

For its part, European Council President Charles Michel declared that the European Union refused to act "naively" towards China but wished to avoid the "logic of systemic confrontation" with it.

"We believe that we must commit to greater reciprocity and rebalancing between China and the European Union," he said after a summit during which EU heads of state and government discussed relations with China over three hours.

German Foreign Affairs:

 Ukraine's current air defense support is more important than the supply of tanks

German Foreign Minister Annalena Birbuk announced more military support for Ukraine, noting that current support for air defence is more important than the supply of German tanks.

"There will be more support for Kiev

especially in the field of air defence. 

Thanks to the circular exchange with other countries, Ukraine currently has the tanks it urgently needs, and the issue of tanks now is not very important, the most important of which is the issue of air defences. "

On October 11 :

Germany handed over to Ukraine the first four "IRIS-T SLM" air defence systems.

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Addressing the House of

Representatives (Bundestag) on Thursday

Schulz said: 

"Justice assumes that it must be not about imposed peace, but about Ukraine's sovereignty, territorial integrity and defensive capacity - today and in the future."

The Group of Seven (G-7) had recently renewed its readiness to make "long-term security promises to Ukraine with a view to achieving a peaceful and viable solution".

"Our alliances are stronger than they were

and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin will not achieve his goals from the war on Ukraine, and the scorched earth strategy will not get Putin to win the war," he said.

"Ukraine will effectively defend itself, and we will assist it for as long as is required."