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Elon Musk mocks AOC Twitter subscription fees: "Now pay $8"


Elon Musk mocks AOC Twitter subscription fees: "Now pay $8"

Elon Musk responded to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after she criticized his decision to charge verified Twitter users - asking her to "pay."

Musk's comment to Ocasio

Cortez was his latest response to a long list of complaints from verified users about Twitter's new policy of charging $8 monthly fees to those using the social media platform with blue selections.

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted Tuesday night:

  • "Lmao in a billionaire is seriously trying

  • to persuade people that free speech

  • is actually a subscription plan for $8 per month.

Musk responded in a short but fiery tweet Wednesday evening:

"Your comments are appreciated, pay now $8."

Hours later, the congresswoman joked on Twitter that she looked like she had been "whipped by a particular billionaire" with a laughing emoji.

"Just a reminder that money won't buy your way out of insecurity, people," she wrote.

The new Twitter "Chief Twitter"

whose bio now reads "Twitter Complaint Hot Line Operator" - also tweeted a screenshot of a sweatshirt from the Ocasio-Cortez merchandise line at $58 surrounded by a circle along with a thought face emoji.

Ocasio-Cortez defended the cost of a sweatshirt

while taking the opportunity to take another hit on the billionaire.

  • "Trade unionists, with full health care benefits
  • such as childcare assistance, everyone
  • [sic] is paid a living wage. In a tweet replying to Musk

she said that the proceeds went to community actions such as the education of disadvantaged children.

"You are fond of unions

  • and you have a problem with ego
  • and changing your pockets
  • from paying low wages and abusing people."

Musk announced earlier on Tuesday that Twitter would begin charging for Twitter Blue, which will be expanded to offer more features including verification.

"The current system of Lords

and peasants on Twitter for those who have or do not have a blue tick is bulls," he announced in a tweet. "Power to the people! blue for $8 a month ".

Each country's subscription cost will be adjusted and will include additional features such as the ability to post long videos and audio; Priority in responses

references and research;

The owner and new CEO told Twitter that the unpaid subscription ban exceeded the desired posts and half the number of ads.

Initial reports indicated that

Musk was considering charging subscribers a whopping $20 a month. The exorbitant price tag has angered many verified users including renowned author Stephen King.

$20 a month to keep the blue check?

The King tweeted. "Well, they should pay me."

The novelist added :

"If that is established, I will go like Enron," referring to the notorious energy company that began to emerge in the early 2000s.

Musk bargained with King in replies, and offered the lowest price.

"We need to pay the bills somehow!" Musk books. Twitter cannot rely entirely on advertisers.

What about $8? "

However, many with blue selection marks still resent the new cost.

  • Musk said in another tweet on Wednesday:
  • "To all complainant
  • Please keep on whining, but it will cost you $8.