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Admiral Richard Byrd's documented trip to the Earth Hollow


Admiral Richard Byrd's documented trip to the Earth Hollow

Today's article is very long but very, very important.. About Admiral Richard Byrd's documented trip to the Earth Hollow and his interview with one of the heads of the Earth Hollow World as he mentioned in his memoir!!

Many and many German and American officers and soldiers have entered the ground. Not that, and only those of them who face with some of the people of the Earth's hollow and fight with them!!!.. Yeah, that's real and you'll see that documented.

Who are they

  • US Engineer Officer Philip Schneider.
  •  And American Admiral Richard Byrd
  • and others.

Each of them documented this in his (memoirs) and in (scientific lectures).. Each has mentioned many important facts.

Admiral Richard Byrd..

He is one of the greatest commanders of the United States Navy In the previous article, I mentioned his achievements, triumphs and discovery of Rainbow City.

After America seized German rules.

Richard Byrd was the leader who took it. He entered the world of the Earth's hollow.. Richard Byrd has documented the Earth's hollow world in detail in his memoir.

Although these memos have been completely (obscured), some have been disclosed.

Admiral says.

I have to write this memo (in complete confidentiality) and I don't know if my word will come out into the light and into the world or not. Because of the scientific (blackout) greed of selfish humans.. But I have to do my job.

Bird stated that he saw Jabala who never saw her in his life. A small river flows from the centre of the mountains and dense forest trees on mountain slopes.

He also saw (bird dish) control of his plane.

Medina didn't see it as beautiful.

Bird stated that he (met) one of the (heads of the Earth's hollow world).. He sent a message to the Americans.

Other wonderful things we'll know now.. After reading the beginning of his memoir and obfuscating most of its content... These notes include the following:

At 6:00. Everyone is ready to complete the journey towards the Arctic and we are Alan on air and our fuel tanks are complete and in good condition.

  • At 6:20. The fuel is good and it's best and all the plane's devices look good.
  • At 7:30. We sent the base camp through the transmitter. Everything's fine.
  • 7:40. Oil leakage in the engine starboard tank
  • and oil pressure index appear normal.

At 8:00.

A bit of turmoil and vibration for the plane we are at 1700 feet and there is a slight tilt in the tail of our plane due to the wind and it has been modified and the Alan aircraft is going very well.

At 8:15. Base-bound transmitter Duct works well and naturally.

At 8:30.

The turmoil and vibrations belong to our plane again as we Alan at 2,900 feet, and Alan our plane returned to normal conditions.

At 9:10.

Our magnetic and gyroscopic compass wobbles and wobbles and we are unable to communicate with the base with devices. Looks like everything's good in our plane, but there's a recession by calling Al-Qaeda. He disconnected us from calling Al-Qaida.

At 9:15. Apparently we see mountains.

At 9:49.

We're 25 minutes into our journey and we're seeing a series of mountains. It's not an illusion. It consists of a small group of mountains that I have never seen in my life.

9:55: We're at 2,950 feet and the turmoil is very strong in our plane.

At 10:00.

We're still going the best possible way through a good atmosphere. Strangely, we see a mountain range apparently.. That can't be... It's abnormal. There shouldn't be forests here. That's weird!

Frozen mountains and snow should exist only.

I see a small river or stream of water flowing and streaming from the middle of the mountains and forestry trees dense on the mountain slopes. We should just fly over ice and snow. I can't believe... Our navigation systems and links continue to swing back and forth.

At 10:05.

We are now 1,400 feet high. We see herbs of algae with some other plants and knit trees and note that the light here looks different and strange and we can't see the sun!!

We're seeing Phil now! No

it's an animal that looks like an elephant. That's unbelievable! The plane dropped by 100 feet to see him with binoculars. I don't see it very well after the distance between us. It certainly looks like a elephant.

At 10:30.

We encounter beautiful greening hills and an external temperature index of 74F and our navigational devices are back in operation in a normal way. I'm confused.

 And now I'm trying to call Al-Qaeda

but I failed. The transmitter is now not working.

At 11:30. Apparently

  • our plane has become very light
  • and it's strange that the plane's controls refuse to respond
  • because we see something

it's a city port. Yeah, yeah, it's a city. That's impossible?

Oh, my God? It's a city? 

We are now seeing a foreign object approaching our plane near the plane's right wing!

It's a weird plane in the genre. She's a swivel and she's got strange beams.

She's very close to us. Where are we? Where are we?

Where am I? What happened?

  • We can't call Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda doesn't respond to us.
  • I'm in the grip of a creature of some kind!
  • Like we're hanging in the air!

At 11:35.

The transmitter works and we listen to the rattling of the device.. He is a man who speaks English with a German or Germanic accent and says, "Welcome to Admiral... You're in good hands.

Don't be afraid to relax and rest and we'll land you on Earth in exactly seven minutes.

I also noticed that our aircraft engines stopped working!!

At 11:40.

  • Another message from them came over the transmitter saying
  • "We're going to start landing on Earth.
  • And I shuddered with fear. In moments

our plane began to land from the top to the bottom straight as if it were inside an invisible large elevator. When we touched the ground, our plane shook a light shake!!

At 11:45. Many men approached our plane long with blonde hair!!

I saw a beautiful big city distance with a flash of rainbow-shaped lights.. And I don't know what's going to happen to me right now from these guys.

But I don't see any signs of weapons. And see them don't approach us!


because one of them calls me my name and orders me to open the door! And my joints are shaking from what I see fear and dismay them!!.. I opened the door and came down to them.

Richard stopped writing his memoir and went down with them. And he tells us his story with them in his memoir after he returns.

It looks to me from its beauty

  1. its chic and its good construction as
  2. if it were designed by Frank Lloyd
  3. or Opak Ruggs.

Then I got into the inside.

They gave me a delicious hot drink that I'd never tasted like before. Ten minutes after I sat down, two people appeared handsome.

They offered me to accompany them. I accompanied them. I had no choice.

We walked a short distance and got into a place

on what seems to me to be an elevator.

We went down and the elevator stopped and the elevator door went up silently and quietly. And I had to move forward in a long corridor and around the hallways!!

Anert arcade with beautiful pink light.

 And her light emerges from the walls. Like walls light up from themselves.

The view served as an affair of beauty.

  • I explained until I stood in front of a big door.

  • And above the door

  • I wrote an inscription that I couldn't read.

  • We open the door without sound and noise.

I saw when the door opened one of the most beautiful things my eyes saw.

They are colored in beautiful colors that are beautiful, indescribable and harmonious in precision. It seems as if it is completely filled with no unparalleled room at all.

When I was reflecting on this beauty

I heard a voice from the last hall.

I saw a man marking over the years engraved on his face sitting at his long table and I was warmly welcomed sitting.

He pointed me out to sit on a seat looking at me with a beautiful quiet smile clasping his fingers. He welcomed me and spoke to me quietly and stoically and said...

We (let you)

enter our world because you are a noble person known on the surface of the world. So I looked at him like I said the surface of the world? And he said yes, and he's smiling!!!

He said

  • You're in the Earth's inner world. In the inner world.
  •  And we shouldn't delay you too long.
  • We will send you to the surface of the Earth in peace.

You will be escorted safely later.

But now I'll tell you why you were called here!!!

Our interest in your world began after the first nuclear bomb exploded over Japan in Hiroshima and Ngasaki in World War II. At that time it was very disturbing to us and to our world.

We sent our flying mechanisms to the surface of the world to verify your war.

So I interrupted. And he said, "Of course!"

Don't be afraid, dear admiral. It's an accident.

But I have to keep talking. We did not interfere with your barbaric wars, which in your old time... But we have to send you this message to the surface of the world you live on!!

The power is not yours!!!!!!!

Your country, Admiral

has reached the stage of (no return).. Who knows the atomic bombs that will harm our inner world and the whole Earth!!

You have been chosen to be the witness that our world actually exists!!

Look at what's around you. Look

we're in this world

you see! We are responsible for science, culture and civilization. We have taught you for hundreds of years. We do not want to (destroy) the civilization of the Earth because of your own wars.

Admiral said I interrupted him and said..

What's my relationship with that, sir?

He looked at me like he was getting into my brain and my mind was out of his eyes. A few moments later, he looked at me and replied, "

Your atomic wars have reached a point but not a return. Your wars have destroyed our inner world and the whole world.

When you hit Japan

we tried to call you

But our efforts are failing.

  • We have left you with hostility and hatred.
  • Our aircraft and vehicles only received fire
  • and spite from you. And hostility by your fighter jets.
  • That's why I'm telling you, son.

There's an angry black storm gathering on the world you live in.

  • She came to you and won't go for many years.
  • And he won't have an answer in the weapons.
  • Your flag will not be in your hands.
  • The wars you will receive will trickle down every flower of your cultures.

The recent wars in your world are only the beginning of what is yet to come from the wars!!

The Earth will become a massive mess.. And we see it more than you. With every day it becomes clearer!!

Admiral said do you mean we're wrong?

He said no. And my answer is that once there were so many wars and the age of darkness came for more than five hundred years!!

I said yes. We have in Europe once the age of darkness.

He said.. Yes, son

  •  Wars told us the age of darkness.
  • Because of your wars
  • the Earth will cover a dark black cloud and destroy many of your species.

And when that time comes to you.. 

You will know the futility of wars!!

But I think many of your species will live after these conflicts and wars.. We will (collect) your treasures, monuments and cultures. And you'll be in good hands with us!

After that time we will come forward again to help you

 We will restore your culture and civilization. And I can't tell you any more. He said, "Now, my son, you will return to the outside world to lead this message to them.

Admiral says :

In conclusion to these words, it seems that our meeting is nearing completion. And I stood for a moment like I was in a dream... And I'm not aware it's a reality!

I bowed him weirdly..

I don't know what respect I have or humility!!

  • Suddenly I saw the two men who brought me into the hall next to me.
  • They indicated that we should leave.
  • I turned before I left for their boss and he looked at me and had a nice smile.

Quickly we got out of the big door.

We got in the elevator and got on. We got on our plane and flew into the air. And suddenly Wright the strange plane follows us.

 So I approached and stuck with us. And we went so fast out!!

Admiral Richard

  • and his crew then went to the United Nations.
  • They rejoiced at his arrival, held ceremonies
  • were promoted and awarded honours and high ranks.

This story (historically documented).. (and very famous) in America.

Admiral Richard Bird of the Arctic takes off with his aircraft, confirming that this incident actually occurred.

Video documenting the incident