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Biden: Republicans will announce violations if they lose election


Biden :

Republicans will announce violations if they lose election

US President Joe Biden said many Republican candidates for different positions in the country's upcoming midterm elections could declare irregularities during the voting.

Biden said during a meeting with voters in

the New York suburb of Yonkass:

"There are more than 300 Republican candidates for different federal and local positions in the states rejecting the election results.

They say that I did not win elections

despite the failure of hundreds of attempts to challenge even Republican-controlled courts. "

He added :

"These" deniers "are not only trying to deny your right to vote, they are trying to deny your right to take your voice into account. And I'm not kidding you. For those people who reject the election results, they only have two results to vote: either they won or they were deceived.

You can't just love your country when you win ".

Biden announced on

  • November 2 that a number of candidates
  • for various positions in the US states
  • were creating chaos in the country because

they were unwilling on the eve of the midterm elections to commit to approving the result of the vote in advance.

The midterm elections will take place in

the United States tomorrow.

435 members of the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate's deputies will be elected

 According to projections

the United States Republican Party will be able to increase the number of its deputies in both chambers of Congress, which will give them the possibility of obstructing the implementation of the Democratic President's proposals.

The United States... 

The President of the Republican Party confirms that her

party's candidates will accept the election results

Republican National Committee chairwoman Rona McDaniel announced that her party's candidates for the upcoming midterm elections would accept the results whether they won or not.

McDaniel believed that there was "good momentum" among Republicans to regain control of the Senate and House of Representatives in Tuesday's election, which, if done, would hinder President Joe Biden's work during the second half of his term.

Speaking on CNN's State of the Union

McDaniel said that Republicans "want to ensure that it takes place fairly and transparently, and then let the process run its course and accept the results."

When asked directly whether all Republican candidates would accept the results even if they lost, she replied, "They will accept".

Trump :

who has not yet acknowledged his loss to Biden two years ago, was focused on promoting conspiracy theories in the run-up to the election.

Former President Donald Trump faces scrutiny for insisting on denying the results of the US election process.

Hundreds of Republican candidates for next week's election support Trump's unsubstantiated claims of fraud in 2020, and a number of them also question the expected results to reverse McDaniel's reassuring remarks.

For example

far-right candidate Carrie Lake refused to acknowledge whether she would respect the results.

When asked by CNN last month if it

would accept the election result

which polls show is swinging, it replied

"I will win the election, I will accept this result."

Earlier this week :

  • Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin
  • who is seeking re-election
  • also refused to say whether he would accept the results.

"We'll see what things lead to,"

the Republican senator said according to the Washington Post, adding, "Is something going to

happen on election day?

Do Democrats have anything? "

The presence of more than 300 Republicans who deny election results on candidates' regulations raises fears of chaos that may not end quickly, according to analysts.

In a reflection of the tense atmosphere

a judge in Arizona decided to impose restrictions on people who had self-declared their intention to observe the elections and appeared near polling stations carrying weapons and military equipment.

Pressed to give an answer about her party's support for self-appointed election observers, McDaniel said "nobody should scare voters", and urged self-observers to "not break the law".

However :

it defended legal control practices

 stating that such observers must not be intimidated.