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"As in the horror movies": Biden in a photo from behind the window


"As in the horror movies":

Biden in a photo from behind the window

Mindy Robinson, a D.C. Patriot writer, criticized U.S. President Joe Biden, who peered out of the window at girls during a work visit to Nantucket Island.

These images of Biden appearing on social networking sites were published by the newspaper "Nantucket Current."

The President of the United States passed her park

and the voices of the children who erased him came. Alert their voices and approach the store window, freeze waiting to take a shared photo, drawing a wide smile on his face. Young children's voices came, and they took a selfie with the President.

According to journalist Mindy Robinson

the US President seems "scary" in the published footage.

In the comments accompanying the article, Robinson wrote: "As in horror films, let someone save the children."


who has recently completed 80 years

is the oldest U.S. president in history and records that he regularly falls into funny situations, attributed by the American leader's opponents to old age and accompanying health problems.

American readers respond to Biden's "joke" about his physical health:

"Head check is more important than body check!"

US readers responded to the Daily Mail

mocking their President Joe Biden's "joke"

about conducting a regular medical examination.

President Biden had stated earlier, during a conversation with the press, that he intended to complete a medical exam by the end of the year, asking reporters to joke: "Do you think I need such a thing?"

Responses to the US President's question, which last week marked his 80th birthday, were followed by a reader of the newspaper, Mesalicipalas

who replied :

"Yes, I think this is necessary for you."

A second, who put the name "Think Only Once"

commented on Biden's question :

"It's not his physical health that worries me. The problem is his mental health ", and Slicki 1 expressed that he shared this view, saying that" a head check is more important than a body check. "

The user said "the smell of 1 roses" in describing the case of the US president: "This man is important if he thinks he is in a great physical condition."

He reminded reader Ken of Biden's call on Jackie Valorsky last September :

  • "Jackie? Jackie?
  • Can you stand up ". 
  • This congresswoman died last summer in a car accident.

Biden, 80, is the oldest president in history. He regularly puts himself in strange situations, while the US President's opponents consider age and potential health problems to be the cause.

According to US President Joe Biden, he wants to

complete regular medical testing by the end of this year.

Biden, who celebrated his 80th birthday last week, said:

  • "A section of my medical examination has already been completed
  • the end of the year."