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Marjorie Taylor Green: "Under the Republicans, another penny won't go to Ukraine."


Marjorie Taylor Green: "Under the Republicans

another penny won't go to Ukraine."

Months ago

controversial Republican Representative Liz Cheney did not say any words when she criticized what she called the "Putin wing" of the Republican Party. At the time, she did not name any identified individuals directly, but many were quick to guess who she was alluding to.

Among those who many felt summarized by Cheney was that of Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. An equally controversial Republican figure who has on numerous occasions opposed the sending of aid to Ukraine amid Russia's ongoing aggression.

Now, as if inadvertently leaning into suspicion

Green ventured into this line at a recent rally

according to the Washington Post.

Greene reportedly insisted on his conviction on Thursday that not even another cent of funding would be provided from the United States to help Ukraine's defenses against Russia if Republicans were to assume control of Congress after the results of the midterm elections.

She made comments at the Save America rally in Sioux

Iowa :

Republican Senator Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, as well as other GOP candidates on the ballot, are the targets of an initiative by former U.S. President Donald Trump.

Under the Republicans

Nothing more will be donated to Ukraine, Green vowed.

The crowd of Republicans and right-leaning voters gave

a round of applause after her feelings.

This reaction is closely aligned with the large numbers of Republicans in a recent poll that strongly opposed the United States' continued assistance to its Ukrainian allies.

Green's comments were not under the radar of White House Chief of Staff Ron Klein, who was quick to blow them up.

With the caption of a post on Twitter

  • Klein wrote: "Every Republican should ask
  • Do they stand free from Russian aggression
  • or stand by [green] ?


Greene is not the only Republican politician in America who holds such beliefs.

For some time now

the talking point on the right has been expanding and growing in popularity as members of the Republican Party are becoming increasingly disturbed by the funding being sent to Ukraine.

Republican Rep.

Matt Gaetz of Florida even pushed the idea that a majority in the Republican House of Representatives would put an end to Ukrainian aid from the United States altogether.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

also recorded in the minutes that Ukraine should not expect a "blank check" from the United States anymore if Republicans want to win the House majority.


Democratic Sen.

Chris Murphy previously addressed the subject as well.

saying that the Republican-majority House of Representatives would likely "stop any additional assistance" after the midterm elections.