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The Denver Post begs readers not to vote for Lauren Boebert - and lists several reasons why


The Denver Post begs readers not to vote for Lauren Boebert

and lists several reasons why

The Denver Post's sharp editorial board focused on the split, first-term Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert.

We ask voters in western and southern Colorado not to give Representative Lauren Popbert their votes, the editorial board wrote. Boebert didn't do a good job of representing the 3rd Congressional District. almost exclusively, she spent her time and efforts contributing to the toxic political environment in this nation. 

The representative was compared to the voters she represented in the newspaper.

The good people in this area are not angry and active;

They're neither hateful nor scathing.

They do not brag about their ingenuity or slanderous insults as entertainment.

The farm owners we know work in the Uncompaghre Plateau, the teachers in Durango, the steel mill workers in Pueblo, the farmers from their roots in the San Luis Valley are keeping themselves, watching their families grow, and arriving for better days.

Books. Boebert's unproductive approach, along with the efforts of others, has helped erode the ability of Congress to genuinely discuss public policy that can help people in its region.

According to the publication

Boebert lacked the complexity to understand the mechanisms of oil and gas extraction in public lands, and was therefore supported by Democrat Adam Frisch.

"In her primary book

  • Boebert described a man born and raised in Montrose County as a nanny
  • a term called a gay man who sexually abuses children
  • "The remark to Don Coram

a conservative Republican and rancher whose son happens to be gay, is just one example of Boebert's casual and brutal cruelty, which she displays daily while in Washington, D.C.

Do you feel unrepentant about this behaviour? 

A joke said, more than once, hinting that a Muslim member of Congress was a terrorist bomber. It uses the derogatory term "jihad squad" to refer to other members of Congress. this is not what western Colorado or southern Colorado represents .

According to the article, Boebert supported the "three percent" militia.

The group derives its name from the tale that only 3% of the inhabitants of the original colonies fought in the Revolutionary War and the misconception

That this country is heading into another battle for liberation for which they must prepare to fight - often collecting weapons and writing the newspaper "Bunkers and making bombs." Members of the group have been involved in many violent conspiracies.

A planned bombing of a Minnesota mosque

  • an attempted bombing foiled by the FBI of an Oklahoma bank
  • and a plot to kidnap Michigan's governor. Of course
  • on January 6, 2021, an attempt to break into the U.S.

Capitol and prevent Congress from appointing the next duly elected President of the United States. 

The editorial board regretted that Boebert represented Colorado in Congress.