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In a rant online, Trump finally admitted that I "did" stole documents and lied to the FBI


In a rant online

Trump finally admitted that I "did" stole documents and lied to the FBI

Donald Trump claimed on his personal social media account on Monday that he had taken White House documents, hidden them for a year, lied to the FBI, and that his lawyers had been misled in court records.

He then asked for a private master

who is now responsible for overseeing a possible trial.

When does she break into Bill and Hillary's home to look for the 33,000 emails that she deleted after getting a subpoena from

American Congress?

When will you invade the other president's homes in search of the huge documents, which they took with them, but not as openly 

and transparently as you did? 

Although the verification of the 33,000 emails is inaccurate

it never prevented him from criticizing Hillary Clinton.

Similarly :

  • the National Archives issued a statement alleging that
  • former presidents had not engaged in document theft.
  • All presidents have a 12-year window to study 

or even use old records, but they must first visit the National Archives to confirm record keeping in accordance with the Presidential Records Act.

But the last sentence Trump wrote

  • They took it with them
  • but not as openly and explicitly as I did?
  •  is the sentence that is likely to live in a state of shame.

Only after the FBI arrived to obtain

the documents and after more than a year of outreach efforts to obtain them, Trump admitted to taking them. Trump did not publish or mention anything about taking documents "transparently" in any way.

Mary McCord

who served as Acting Assistant Attorney General for National Security at the U.S. Department of Justice from 2016 to 2017, spoke on the subject on Monday.

So, you know

  • I think if there's not many months of National Archives back and forth
  • we think you have presidential records, and it's delaying
  • and it's finally delaying the delivery of some boxes
  • and we still don't represent a full return," McCord said .

Of all the boxes

a writ of habeas corpus is issued, more documents are issued, certificates are issued or a declaration that there are all the documents in his custody, a signed certificate and a search warrant.

If we hadn't got all that, he would have said in

the chaos of motion. I was unaware that everyone was present.

McCord explained that it was not really possible to claim "I thought it was mine" anymore, and continued by saying that other documents classified and classified as such were equally detrimental to Trump.

"So even if a Polyanish defense existed,"

he destroyed it with his changing stories.

I think he'll say his defense of what he said today in Truth Social's post is Oh, no - again I do everything transparently and openly, of course, I won't have anything to know about what was illegal. Otherwise, why can't you be trusted? But at some point, that no longer exists. "

Andrew Weissman

a former FBI general counsel who worked as a prosecutor on Robert Mueller's team, was attacked by Trump in a previous job because he was not afraid to draw attention to Trump's legal abuses.

With Donald Trump

one of the things I've learned throughout history

and learning is the attitude is that all this is never about actual facts.

It's always about mug

activists and the media, Weissmann said.

"If you're your defense lawyer, the media spin he's engaging in makes your heart race. Therefore, the statement I read at the beginning of the program completely belies the defence of the documents. "

Wiseman claimed that Trump explicitly admitted that he took the documents at the same time. He referred to it as "defending the right," alleging that Trump had previously changed his account almost every hour and that this was a new defense.