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Trump doubts his country's ability to stay for another two years under Biden


Trump doubts his country's ability to stay for another two years under Biden

Former US President Donald Trump has expressed doubts that the US can survive for another two years, citing President Joe Biden's administration's failure to run the country.

Speaking in Pennsylvania at a rally in support of GOP members who will participate in the upcoming interim congressional elections, Trump added: "I don't know if this country can last for another two years. That's what happens with her. You must come and vote for this man. He is a good human being. "

Trump expressed confidence that

the United States was "never in such a bad state that it is now", citing Washington's loss of authority on the world stage.

He said:

  • "Our country was not in such a position. Nobody respects us anywhere.
  • It's fun that we love each other
  • and spend our times wonderfully

but the topic of talk remains very unpleasant.

There is nothing good I can say about the state of this country ".

Trump calls for "giant red wave" of Republicans to support his party in midterms

Former US President Donald Trump called for a "giant red wave" of Republicans to ensure victory over Democrats in the midterms next week.

"If you want to stop destroying our country and save the American dream, you must vote this Tuesday for Republicans," Trump told a rally in the pivotal state of Pennsylvania.

Three days before the midterms

Democrats and Republicans scrambled to mobilize voters, going so far as to invite former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama, as well as incumbent President Joe Biden, to the same key term.

The three presidents at overlapping electoral rallies went on Saturday in Pennsylvania, ahead of a crucial ballot that will lay the foundations for the 2024 presidential election.

All the lights are heading for this state

where millionaire surgeon Mohamed Oz

  • who has the support of Trump
  • and former mayor John Fetterman
  • who is bald in structure

are competing for one of the most contested seats in the Senate, as the balance of power in the House is highly likely to depend on this particular seat.

How would America be if Republicans controlled Congress?

Midterm elections are considered detailed elections

Its results will have a significant impact on the agenda of U.S.

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party as a whole during the remaining two years of U.S. President Joe Biden's rule while Republicans aspire to clinch a majority in either or all of the chambers.

The Republican victory scenario will open a fierce legislative confrontation with the Biden administration in files such as economy, climate and energy.

If Republicans win that election

Biden will be the fifth president in a row to see his party lose one or both chambers, the fate of the Russian-Ukrainian war is at stake if Republicans win that election.

Many analysts expected the Russian

  • and America supported Ukraine against Russia once
  • the Republican Party won the election.

With inflation in America reaching its highest level in 40 years under Biden

The American play on the pace of the Russian-Ukrainian war

led to many Americans reluctant to elect the Democratic Party.

Whoever controls either

or both chambers has taken control of the political agenda

because the President's ability to complete his plans has a close relationship with whether or not his party has control of Congress.

To be considered those elections.

It is a determination of the global economic situation

  • as the Republicans win
  • the Ukrainian war may end
  • and the world's economic compass towards stability rests.

As for the Democrats' victory

the global economic situation may continue to be what it is.

It will turn even worse, and may end up with a third world war

which no one wishes?