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Zakharova asks Blinken message terrace immediately after the explosion of the North Stream!


"It's over." Zakharova asks Terrace if

she sent this message to Blinken immediately after the northern torrent bombing!

After the Western media leaked former British Prime Minister Liz Terrace's letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Zakharova wondered if that had actually happened?

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova wrote in her official channel post on Telegram that she was not interested in who and how he obtained the confidential information (from a terrace phone)

but in knowing London's answer to the following question:

Did British Prime Minister Liz Terrace send a letter to US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken immediately after the explosion of the gas pipeline (northern torrent), "It's done".

The Western online media

  • including the popular American platform Reddit
  • and 19Fortyfive, as well as the information of
  • the founder of Kim Dutcom's Megaupload

and Mega file-sharing services

discuss what makes the former British Prime Minister send her American counterpart after the terrorist attack on the "Northern Torrent 1" and "Northern Torrent 2" a message of

this content?

In a tweet 

Kim Dutkom wrote:

How did the Russians learn that the United States and Britain had pipelines (the Northern Torrent) blown up?

because Liz Terrace used her iPhone to send a message to Blinken telling him (it ended) one minute after the pipeline exploded, and before anyone else found anything on the subject. "

At the same time

the businessman asserts that the information did not come from the hacked terrace phone, without explaining where he obtained this information.

Neither does the prevailing Western media cover Dutkom's statements in any way, and there is no official confirmation of any such information.

Finnish German businessman Kim Dutkom has already received FBI attention, including his detention at the Bureau's request, his accusation of racketeering, money laundering and fraud, and the United States of America demands his extradition from New Zealand, where he now resides and continues a legal battle against his extradition.

The Russian Ministry of Defence was

I mentioned earlier that representatives of the British Navy

in the Ukrainian city of Uchakov in the Nikolaev region, were involved in planning and carrying out the terrorist attack in the Baltic Sea last September 26, which resulted in the explosion of the "Northern Torrent 1" and "Northern Torrent 2" gas pipeline lines.

The attacks took place on 26 September

  • In conjunction with the Russian gas export pipeline lines to Europe
  • Germany, Denmark and Sweden did not rule out that gas pipes
  • These were subjected to deliberate vandalism.

The gas pipeline operator Nord Stream AG stated that the accident was unprecedented, and it was impossible to estimate how long it would take to repair the lines.

London calls for urgent investigation into hacking of terrace phone

The British government called for an urgent investigation following reports that the former prime minister's personal phone, Liz Terrace, had been hacked.

Sky News reported that the government had called for an urgent investigation, following reports that Tras' personal phone had been hacked, and alleged that hackers from Russia had hacked the phone.

These claims were described as "very serious" and "disturbing" by both the "Liberal Democratic Party" and the "Labour Party."

Earlier, the Daily Mail reported

citing sources, that Terrace's personal phone had been hacked while she was the country's foreign minister, and details of negotiations with allies and discussions of arms supplies had been leaked to Ukraine.

Then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case decided not to make the specifics of this occurrence public, covering up the details.

Mel-on-Sunday claims Russian-linked hackers hacked into terrace phone

The British newspaper Mail on Sunday claimed that hackers had infiltrated messages containing classified information, details of London's negotiations with its main allies, and information about arms supplies to Ukraine.

According to a post on the British newspaper's website

former British Prime Minister Liz Terrace's personal smartphone was hacked by hackers allegedly working for Russian intelligence services.

According to the newspaper's correspondents

  • according to sources in
  • the Kingdom's state security services
  • a terrace phone was hacked while serving as British Foreign Secretary.

The fact that

Operation Piracy took place in July was also revealed shortly before a terrace joined the competition for the post of prime minister, according to the newspaper's interlocutors.

In detail

the attackers have had access to terrace correspondence over the past year, including letters containing confidential information and details of negotiations between London and its main allies, as well asinformation about Ukraine's access to weaponry

Information on the incident was allegedly concealed at the request of Boris Johnson, who headed the British government until last month.

In doing so

  • this propaganda could have been an obstacle to Terrace's path to Prime Minister
  • which she left in any case on 20 October
  • only 50 days after taking office.

In the same vein

the newspaper pointed out that the sources' statements were indirectly confirmed by the fact that in the summer Taras changed her phone number, which she had been using for more than 10 years.

"The Daily Mail":

The British are shocked at the circumstances of the resignation of the scandalous terrace

The Daily Mail published new details about the circumstances that led to the scandalous resignation of British Prime Minister Liz Terrace.

The newspaper quoted government sources, from the outset the terrace office was "inefficient" due to erroneous recruitment. The Prime Minister's budget plan then served as the straw that broke the camel's back.

For his part

former Terrace adviser Jason Stein considered that administrative chaos was the reason for the biggest mistake of the Prime Minister's Office, the mini-budget that Terrace describes in private sessions as "major chaos."

The newspaper said that job instability had led everyone to abandon the terrace of even its allies in the party.

This is confirmed by the former Treasurer

  • and Cabinet Secretary Simon Keys
  • who was concerned about Terrace's morale

  • and remarked to coworkers that

  • "all the prime ministers end up sitting alone."

  • and they have been abandoned by all
  • strangely, this happened with Liz with tremendous speed."

In addition

journalists were able to learn Liz Terrace herself's reaction to leaving the post of prime minister. That day Downing Street staff were crying as Terrace prepared to resign, but she reassured them: "Don't worry, I'm glad it's over

 She added:

 At least I was Prime Minister.

These words were conveyed by the media.

Who follows readers' comments recognizes that the crisis that accompanied the presidency of a terrace left a special impact on the British public.

One disgruntled wrote: "Ah.

  1. At least I was prime minister.
  2. The world is literally burning
  3. but it's fine as long as Liz lived her imagination for five minutes! ".

Another says:

"What a terrible thing. Don't you understand or even acknowledge what thousands of families have done to Britain

with their childish approach?

What did you do for the economy?

Is she just ignorant that she's arrogant too?

What I have done will last months, if not years ".

One added:

"What an ego. Her head should be bowed ashamed. She was prime minister by name only, and she was very bad, though, thankfully, she stayed for a short time.