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Kayleigh McEnany broke Joe Biden's heart:"The effect of Biden's trip to Florida appears to have been the opposite."


Kayleigh McEnany broke Joe Biden's heart:

"The effect of Biden's trip to Florida appears to have been the opposite."

Fox News

star Kayleigh McEnany broke President Joe Biden's heart by telling him his visit to Florida backfired. Biden is unwanted on the campaign trail, so they sent him to Florida because Democrats know they're doomed in the sunshine.

How far do you fall behind?

  • According to Kylie
  • who obtained the information from ABC, 
  • one day after President Joe Biden visited Miami in

a stop-and-stop campaign

Republicans overtook Democrats in early voting."

Miami Dade is traditionally a democratic stronghold, and if they lose there, they have no chance of winning statewide.

Kylie said:

Biden's visit to Florida seems to have had the opposite effect! The number of Republicans voting in Miami-Dade County, a historic bastion in blue, surpassed Democrats on Wednesday - just a day after President Joe Biden visited the county to conduct his campaign. "

"UST IN (5 p.m.):

Florida representatives extend their lead on DEMs to 254,459 statewide in the 2022 elections

  • 1,678,898 Republican (+ 6.62%)
  • 1,424,439 Democrats
  • 688454 NPAs
  • MIAMI-DADE Province

Representatives' advance over Democratic delegates by 1,918 (+ .54%)

  1. 137.018 Republican
  2. 135100 Democrat
  3. 77640 NPAs

It wasn't what we expected

"said Christine Alexandria Olivio

Democratic House candidate for Florida's 26th Congressional District South Florida.

  • "This is worse than we expected.
  • We've started kicking our butts now.
  • We don't draw our own base.

Democrats know the message. So, why didn't they go out? "

According to WUFT:

In an extraordinary sign of trouble

  • for Florida Democrats before Election Day
  • the number of Republicans who are registered to vote in Miami -Dade
  • County surpassed Democrats on Wednesday
  •  one day after President Joe Biden visited the area in a swing campaign.

Florida's most populous Miami-Dade County

with more than 1.5 million registered voters - was a Democratic stronghold along the state's Gold Coast with Broward and Palm Beach largely blue counties for a generation.

They provided a bulwark of reliable Democratic voices against less densely populated Republican counties throughout Florida, including most of the Panhandle and the southwest coast.

Less than a week before the election, Miami-Dade looked more red than blue.

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Twitter suspends Trump's personal account "permanently"

to avoid "further incitement to violence"

On Friday, Twitter permanently canceled the account of outgoing US President Donald Trump due to the "risk of further incitement to violence" according to an official statement.

Twitter's decision increased Trump's isolation after his Facebook and Instagram accounts were banned indefinitely.

The circle of support around Trump

began to gradually narrow following the events at the Capitol on Wednesday, encouraging House Democrats along with some Republicans to call for his disqualification before President-elect Joe Biden's handover

while many officials resigned

forcing Trump to release a video denouncing the events in a move deemed surprising.