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Ronaldo's attack. The owner of Manchester United is commenting for the first time on the "Don" crisis.


Ronaldo's attack.

The owner of Manchester United is commenting

for the first time on the "Don" crisis.

One of Manchester United's owners, Avram Glazer, first commented on the crisis of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, which resulted in the Portuguese star's recent mutual dissolution of his contract.

Cristiano Ronaldo opened fire on Manchester United, representing the owner Glazer family, as well as Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag, and some players without naming them, in an interview with British media outlet Piers Morgan, before the player's contract with the club was dissolved.

Ronaldo stated in the interview that 

"The owners of the club don't care about it. Manchester United team gets its money from marketing, and the sporting aspect doesn't matter to them.

I have never spoken to them.

They leave all power to the President and the sporting director. "

The Sky News camera spotted Avram Glazer,

one of the club's main owners, while in a luxury area of Florida.

Avram Glazer simply responded

"diplomatically" to the Ronaldo crisis, saying:

"Well I'll talk to you about Cristiano Ronaldo, he's a great player for Manchester United, I respect everything he's done for the club, and I wish him well in the future."

Avram Glazer and his brothers

  • the club's owners
  • face a fierce crackdown from the crowd
  • demanding that they leave, sell the club

because of their mismanagement and the deterioration of

the old team under their leadership.

In this regard, for the first time

the owner alluded to the fact that the club had been sold to a new owner and explicitly stated that the club's management was looking for "strategic alternatives to the management of the club."

The Glazers recently announced that they wanted to sell their stake in Manchester United, both partially and wholly after a relationship with the club began in 2005.

Cristiano Ronaldo, 37

is preparing for the first match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup against his Ghanaian counterpart on Thursday at Doha's 974 Stadium in Group H, which also includes South Korea and Uruguay.

Portugal coach :

Ronaldo crisis does not belong to us.

What happened in Saudi Arabia vs Argentina is an alarm bell for us!

Portugal's head coach, Fernando Santos

has confirmed that his captain Cristiano Ronaldo's crisis with Manchester United does not belong to the national team, warning of the scenario of what happened in the Saudi-Argentine match.

At the same time

a major crisis erupted with Manchester United announcing the dissolution of their contract with star player Cristiano Ronaldo, becoming Portugal's captain free to move to any other club.

Fernando Santos

  1. responding to the uproar over his star Ronaldo
  2. said in a press conference on 

Wednesday :

  • We did not discuss the issue of Ronaldo
  • he does not belong to the team
  • no player has spoken about him, not even Ronaldo himself.

The Portuguese coach warned his players of three things

first of all, to perform similar to the last World Cup "Russia 2018"

when he said goodbye to the tournament from

the second round after losing to his Uruguayan counterpart.

Portugal's technical director stressed that he did not want to repeat the Euro 2016 scenario

saying :

  • We were crowned Euro 2016
  • but we do not want to repeat
  • the first round then when we drew in the first 3 games.

The Saudi national team dawned the first surprises of the 2022 World Cup by beating its Argentine counterpart (2-1) on Tuesday, in Group C, with the same scenario and result the Japanese national team dropped its German counterpart (2-1) on Wednesday as part of the fifth Group of World Cup matches.