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Donald Trump goes to scorched ground to survey GOP primary field before major announcement


Donald Trump goes to scorched ground to

survey GOP primary field before major announcement

Former President Donald Trump went to scorched ground yesterday to clear the Republican Party's primary field ahead of his major announcement about 2024 scheduled for November 15.

Ron Diantis in Florida

  • Brian Kemp in Georgia
  • Christophe Sununu in New Hampshire
  • and possibly Lake Curry in Arizona. Also
  • outgoing Republican Governor Larry Hogan

a frequent Trump critic

told CBS correspondent Robert Costa that the election results make him more likely to seek his party's presidential nomination in 2024.

"I was talking about a bigger tent,"

Hogan said.

"We need that. I think there's a fight in which direction the Republican Party will go. The party on my side had a great time. That was not done by the Trump side.

Enter Donald Trump to remind them that taking him won't be easy:

"NewsCorp, which is Fox, Wall Street Journal

and the New York Post which is no longer great (reinstate Colonel!) for Governor Ron DeSanctimonious, a Mediterranean Republican governor with remarkable public relations, who did not have to close his term, but did so, unlike other Republican governors, whose total numbers were for Republicans, just an average

amid the group :

Including COVID, who have the advantage of SUNSHINE, where people go from poorly run states in the north regardless of who was the governor, as I did!

In 2017, Ron turned to me out of desperation.

In a landslide victory over the excellent agriculture commissioner Adam Putnam, who was well-funded and had high poll numbers, he was declared politically dead.

Ron had low approval

bad polls, no money, but he said that if I was going to support him, he could win.

"I didn't know Adam

so I said," Let's try it, Ron.

It felt like, to use a bad analogy, a nuclear weapon went off when I supported it.

Years later, Adam Putnam described Ron's viewpoint in these exact terms.

"He said," 

  • I went from making it
  • without competition
  • to getting the hits right away after you were believed. "

I then got Ron by the "star"

of the Democratic Party

Andrew Gillum (later revealed as the "crack boss"), by organizing two massive rallies with tens of thousands of people in each one.

His campaign, which had completely collapsed, was also fixed by me.

He is asked by the Fake News if he will run should President Trump win.

and says :

"I'm not looking ahead to the future; I'm just focused on the governor's race."

"Well, in terms of loyalty and class

that's not really the right answer."

Trump said of Vergonia's Republican Governor Glenn Yonkin, who many believe could enter the 2024 race:

"Young Kin (now this is interesting. Chinese voices, right? In Virginia he couldn't have won without me.

I supported him

  • I did a very big rally for Trump by phone
  • and I got MAGA to vote for him
  • or he wouldn't have come close to winning.

But he knows it and admits it. Besides

he spent a hard time with Virginia Democrats - but he'll get it done!

This is just like 2015 and 2016

media attack (collusion!) When Fox News fought me to the end until I won, and then they couldn't have been more kind or supportive.

The Wall Street Journal adored Jeb Bush's lack of energy.

  • a number of additional individuals who vanished from view quickly
  • and finally lined up with me after
  • I expelled them easily, one by one.

"We're in exactly the same position right now. They'll keep going after us, MAGA, but in the end, we'll win. Make America great again by putting America first.