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Marjorie Democrats scramble to find fearful Republicans to make Liz Cheney Speaker of Congress


Marjorie Taylor Green: 'Democrats rush everywhere in

search of frightened Republicans who will join them to make Speaker Liz Cheney'

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green warned Republicans against Democrats' plan to take advantage of the slim majority the House Republican Party will have and appoint someone Pelosi approved as the new president.

Greene said that's why she supports Kevin McCarthy as a speaker. If the Republican Party cannot agree on a choice, it fears Democrats will choose a few members of the Republican Party and appoint Liz Cheney as Speaker of the House of Representatives. Greene said:

We can't open the door to

what the Democrats are doing right now

and that's rushing everywhere in search of any weak RINO Republicans that will join them. That's what's happening right now, and I find it terrifying.

There's no way in hell I'm going to vote to hand that gavel over to Liz Cheney or anybody else that Nancy Pelosi wants.

We look forward to getting a very small majority with a possible 219.

We're talking about one voice.

We have already had two years of Republicans -- Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger -- coming forward and joining the Democrats.

"Here's the harsh truth

  • There are Republicans in our conference now that
  • would make a deal with the Democrats and go beyond that.

He's already got the right to vote, she said of McCarthy.

Rep. Robin Gallego (D-AZ) put forward the idea of working with the Republican Party on social media: "Just make a deal with Dems Kevin.

You won't get anything for your money from the Freedom Caucus.

The chances will be favorable, but the outcomes will be peculiar.

The Washington Examiner asked other Democratic lawmakers if they would consider working with Kevin or anyone else in the Republican Party to get them appointed as speakers if they were willing to compromise.

I won't know that until everything is over.

McCarthy's need for Democratic support and the margin are established. Someone said. Closure is important only in horses and grenades, not in speakers' races.

One more added: If he inquires, it might be possible.

Either you serve as Speaker of the House for two years and leave Wall Street, or the Freedom Group fires you after three months in office.

Another Democrat asserted that having Kevin serve as speaker would be preferable to having Majorie Taylor Green or Jim Jordan fill the position.

I doubt it

  • however, I believe that if Rep.
  • it might be possible. I think it's more about
  • the alternative than anything he can offer. 

One moderate Democrat then proposed a strategy that Democrats had been discussing in

private : 

having Liz Cheney serve as the speaker for Trump's ultimate retaliation.

The Democrat said:

Under no circumstances will a Democrat vote

for someone who downplayed 6 January.

Being one of the most partisan individuals in the room, the thought of backing Kevin makes me chuckle.

It's absurd to consider helping someone like him.

  1. "I will never do that.
  2. "No democrat with principles and faith in
  3. democracy will ever do so."

The MP said:

I'll categorize them as serious if they intend to present a morally sound alternative in an effort to foster understanding, but not seriously if I can't imagine there being as many as 218 of them.