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Pyongyang warns: We will respond with the strongest action against any attempt to violate our sovereignty


Pyongyang warns: We will respond with the strongest action against

any attempt to violate our sovereignty

North Korea stressed that it would respond in the strongest countermeasure to any attempt to violate its sovereignty, criticizing South Korea and the United States for their joint air exercises.

The North Korean Ministry of

Foreign Affairs issued the warning in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency, K.I. B. S. Sunday, South Korean radio broadcast, "World."

The ministry said Pyongyang had clearly warned that

if the United States did not want to see a serious situation detrimental to its national interests, it should immediately cease the provoked joint aerial training "Vegelant Storm" i.e. "Storm of Vigilance."

The United States had ignored North Korea's demands

for joint aerial exercises for hostile targets, while extending the training period because of North Korea's legitimate anti-self-defence measure, and called for a Security Council meeting of the United Nations.

The Department described the American moves as "irresponsible and reckless", denouncing the air operation as a serious violation of the security of a sovereign State and a blatant challenge tothe desire of the world community for regional and Korean Peninsula peace and stability.

Pyongyang stated that

  • it would never tolerate any attempt
  • by hostile forces to violate their sovereignty
  • and security interests
  • stressing that they would respond with the strongest countermeasure.

North Korea

defended its military exercises as an appropriate reaction

and warning against hostile provocations

stressing that the dangerous military confrontation situation was the result of the United States and South Korea carrying out the largest ever joint aerial training.

Moscow: North Korea rockets launch a natural response to US military activity

The Deputy Russian Representative to the United Nations, Anna Evestiniyeva, noted that North Korea's recent intensification of missile launches was the result of provocative United States military activity in the region.

"The launch of Pyongyang missiles

is the result of short-sighted

  •  collision military activity by the United States around this country
  • which is hitting both its partners
  • in the region and the overall state of affairs in North-East Asia," she stated.

She stressed that

Washington was exploring with South Korea the possibility of deploying American deterrents to the region, including nuclear.

North Korea

warned that if Washington and Seoul tried to attack it, it would use nuclear weapons without hesitation to defend itself.

He always thinks of North Korea's

president's threat against America with direct statements and threats to possess weapons of destruction that make him always confident.