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Trump warns Ron DeSantis to run for president in 2024 and threatens to publish information about him

Trump advises Ron DeSantis not to seek the presidency in 2024

and threatens to spread 'grim information' about him

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis received a warning from Donald Trump not to run for president in 2024 because doing so would hurt the Republican Party.

Without giving any details

he further threatened to reveal unfamiliar information about the 44-year-old.

With his landslide victory in Tuesday's midterm elections, DeSantis showed popularity and increased rumors that he might run for president.

Trump is expected to announce his presidential bid in the coming days.

Florida's governor advised against running for office on Fox News.

"I'm not sure if he's running fast.

  • I think if he runs, he could really damage himself.
  • I think he could really hurt himself

Many people believe DeSantis has the best chance of bringing down Trump as a Republican candidate for president in 2024.

Hours before Tuesday's midterm elections

which will decide which party holds the majority in Congress, Trump said what he said.

At a weekend rally

he also referred to the emerging Republican star as "Ron de Sanctimonius."

Trump claimed that if DeSantis announced his intention to run for president, he would reveal "things that wouldn't be very nice about him - I know more about him than anyone else, except probably his wife."

Trump gave no details

but had previously threatened to leak negative information about opponents.

He then went on to describe his potential opponent as a "good man" and denied a dispute between them. There's no altercation with me, and I'm on my way in the polls.

DeSantis :

  • a relatively newcomer to politics
  • gained national notoriety after taking over as governor of
  • Florida in 2019. He presented himself as a passionate supporter of conservatism.

In Tuesday's midterm elections

he easily won a second term as governor of Florida. When he defeated his Democratic opponent by about 20 points, surpassing almost all expectations, it sparked further rumors that he would run for president in two years.

The race was very close four years ago which led to the need for a recount.

Trump :

  1. a state resident
  2. revealed to reporters earlier in
  3. the day that he had cast his vote for DeSantis.

Although DeSantis remained silent on a potential presidential bid, rumors abounded. The announcement, according to Trump, will be "very huge" and will come on November 15.