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Biden criticized Kanye West's praise for Hitler, who implicitly criticized Trump for staying silent


Biden criticized Kanye West's praise for Hitler

who implicitly criticized Trump for staying silent.

On Friday, President Joe Biden rebuked Nazi artist Kanye West while brilliantly criticizing former President Donald Trump for staying at his home in Mar-a-Lago.

Biden addressed the numerous incorrect and disgusting allegations made by West during an anti-Semitism outburst on Thursday's episode of Alex Jones' InfoWars in a tweet.

Just a few clarifications, please:

  • Instead of giving it a platform
  • our political leaders must call out and reject anti-Semitism
  • wherever it may be. silence is complicity ".

At Mar-a-Lago last week

Trump hosted both the West and the famous Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes. Trump has now claimed that he was unaware of Fuentes' identity when he arrived for dinner, but it is worth noting that he did not denounce Fuentes' repeated racist and anti-Semitic revolts.

Following his anti-Semitic outbursts this week

which included criticism of the "Jewish media"

  • for portraying the Nazis in a bad image
  • and an explicit admission that I "love Hitler,"

At the Mar-a-Lago resort's dinner, West allegedly made this claim.

former President Donald Trump began "shouting" at him and warned him that if he ran for office in 2024, he would lose.

Has that ever worked for anyone in history? That's what I thought when Trump started yelling at me at the dinner table and predicted I would lose. He said in a video he posted on Twitter on Thursday.

I'm like stand up :

wait :

wait. He said in the video. The rapper posted a number of videos on Thursday under the hashtag "YE24," including this one.

Yee referred to the video as a "Mar-a-Lago debriefing" in which he provided his account of what transpired during a Tuesday visit to Trump's Florida residence.

Yi continued by asserting that after approaching the former president about serving as his running mate in 2024

Trump was "disturbed" by the request.

I think this was like

a thing that is at the very end of the list

surprised him, Yee added.

Since we know :

We will insist that we adhere to all policies in direct accordance with the Bible because all Christians in America who support Trump are aware that he is a conservative.

The rapper also confirmed that Trump made an insulting statement about Yee's ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.

"You can tell her I said that,"

  • Trump told Lei, according to the rapper.
  • Yi's words that Trump said about Kardashian
  • were deleted from the video. However
  • This observation seemed to have hurt your feelings.

I was thinking, this is my kids' mom, the rapper said in his video.

Yee produced his video on Thursday

Several days after he allegedly stated that he asked Trump to be his running mate in the 2024 election. In contrast to Trump, who declared his intention to run for president in 2024 on November 15, Yi has not yet submitted the required paperwork.

According to Politico and The Daily Beast

the rapper was seen Tuesday at Mar-a-Lago

with white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Fuentes became well-known for taking part in the 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

In 2020 :

  • Yi campaigned for president under the slogan
  • Christmas celebration Due to some states' late deadline,
  • only 12 of them participated in the ballot. According to the BBC
  • it received 60 thousand out of 160 million votes.

The rapper drew attention

especially after he launched several anti-Semitic speeches. Ye's estimated net worth was reduced from $1.5 billion to $400 million as a result of the scandal, which saw Adidas, Balenciaga, and Vogue cut ties with him.

This week :

According to a shocking Rolling Stone article, Yeezy's friends have made a number of allegations about the rapper's disturbing behavior.

According to a staff member who isn't identified, Ye allegedly showed a pornographic video of Kardashian during a staff meeting in 2018.