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In order to call for bombings against Mexico, Marjorie defamed the Biden family.


In order to call for bombings against Mexico

Marjorie Taylor Green defamed the Biden family.

To stop the illicit drug trade :


Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican of Georgia) called for bomb attacks in Mexico.

The Georgian Republican revived an idea put forward by Donald Trump to launch targeted missile strikes against Mexican drug cartels, based on accounts in books by former Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Maggie Haberman, a writer with the New York Times.

"President Trump was right,"

Green tweeted.

We must bomb cartels because they are an international criminal organization that kills our people by placing China's deadly fentanyl in drugs they sell illegally across our borders to United States citizens. not Mexico or it is a great people, cartels .

In a series of tweets blaming President Joe Biden and his son Hunter for the increased use of fentanyl that began during the Trump presidency, Green offered a possible sneak peek into the legislative goals of the new Republican majority.

Biden supervisor and US Congress has invested $111billion

for taxpayers in a war to defend Ukraine's borders and people

Green tweeted.

"The same official and Congress ignore our daily invasion of borders and the record high number of American killings by the Ventanyl cartel."

"Washington always has a lust for war,"

she added.

If so, they need to turn their lust into a war that

  • actually defends America's borders and the lives of the American people.
  • The best cartel business partner ever, though, is Joe Biden.

Green then made a false claim that fentanyl deaths among Americans aged 18 to 45 outnumbered deaths from all other causes combined and began two defamatory attacks on Biden, his daughter Ashley and son Hunter.

Young Americans

aged 45, are dying of more fentanyl than Covid

Green tweeted, "Cancer, heart disease, and all other deaths combined.

  • Joe doesn't seem to mind taking drugs bc
  • He ran for president while his daughter Ashley was in school.
  • was in drug rehabilitation and writing about inappropriate showers with my dad.

Drug overdoses exceeded all other causes of death as the main killer of Americans between the ages of 18 and 49, and about two-thirds of these deaths relate to fentanyl.

However :

the FBI found no evidence of

the alleged shower incident in a diary taken from the President's daughter.

And we all know how corrupt Hunter's drug habit is

unfortunately :

On his laptop from hell, we all had to view it.

Green tweeted

referring to information that was stolen

from Hunter Biden's computer and talked it in interviews.

"But only B.C. Joe Biden doesn't care how many Americans die from fentanyl, so why don't the rest of the Democrats care?

And some Republican senators?