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Elon Musk turns the tables on Ted Leo on Twitter and invites him out


Elon Musk turns the tables on Ted Liu

picks up a Democratic representative "linking to misleading statements"

on Twitter and calls for him to come out

Elon Musk tuned in to Rep.

Dem Ted Lieu on Twitter while trying to rebut the latest version of Twitter's suppression files. Musk released Twitter files on the virus and lockdowns

via David Zweig of Free Press who said:

The US government has lobbied Twitter and other social media platforms to lift certain content and suppress other content about Covid-19.

Internal Twitter files I saw while commissioning thefp showed that the Trump and Biden administrations pressed Twitter executives directly to modify the platform's pandemic content according to their wishes.

At the beginning of the pandemic

according to the observations of the meeting

  • the Trump official was particularly concerned about panic buying.
  • They came looking for "help from technology companies to
  • combat misinformation" about "running in grocery stores.

But. . . There was a run in the groceries.

When the Biden supervisor took over

he was one of the first requests for a meeting with Twitter executives on Covid. The focus was on "anti-vaccination calculations." Especially Alex Berenson...

A December 2022 summary of meetings with

the White House by Lauren Colbertson

  • adds new evidence of the White House's lobbying
  • campaign and adds that he has repeatedly tried to
  • directly influence the platform.

Culbertson wrote that Biden's team was "very angry" that Twitter was not more aggressive in removing multiple accounts. They wanted Twitter to do more.

Twitter executives

did not fully succumb to the wishes of the Biden team.

A comprehensive audit of internal communications at the company revealed that employees often discuss issues of moderation in great detail, with more interest than the government has shown towards freedom of expression.

But Twitter has already suppressed opinions :

  • many doctors and scientific experts
  • that run counter to the official positions of the White House.
  • As a result, the legitimate findings

and questions that would have broadened the public debate have disappeared.

There have been three serious issues with the Twitter process: 

firstly :

a lot of content moderation has been done by robots

which have been trained in machine learning and artificial intelligence - which is impressive in their engineering, yet they are still very harsh for such delicate work.

Secondly :

contractors :

in places like the Philippines

have overseen content as well. They were given decision trees to assist in this process, but the assignment of non-experts to adjudicate tweets on complex topics such as myocarditis and concealment of efficacy data was aimed at a significant error rate. "