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Elon Musk warns Mainstream must take responsibility for not believing the American public


Elon Musk of Mainstream Media warns:

 Instead of trying to reprimand

  • they must take some responsibility for
  • themselves for their disbelief towards
  • the American public .

Twitter CEO Elon Musk slammed the media during a live Twitter Spaces Q&A session last night for attacking Matt Tybee, the reporter who recruited him to look into Twitter crackdown files and reveal his findings to the public.

But instead of congratulating him

on getting the scoop of the century

left-wing journalists showed their true colors and attacked Matt, Musk asked last night: "Are you at all surprised by the reaction against Matt Taipei

in the last 24 hours?

  • A number of liberal news organizations.
  • Many liberal news reporters showed up.
  • and really criticized Matt Tybee
  • which was really shocking. What was your response to that? 

Musk said :

Well :

  • They ought to examine themselves in the mirror, in my opinion.
  • and wonder why they were being disingenuous.
  • Why did they deceive the American public?
  • Instead of trying to blame Matt Tibi

accept some responsibility themselves for

the dishonesty towards the American public. "

Musk outlined his ambitious plan for Twitter:

If the new Twitter succeeds, the result will be that people turn to Twitter to understand what is real, what is real, and what is the important narrative.

This will put a lot of pressure on competitors on mainstream media and other social media companies to be more honest because otherwise, they will simply continue to lose people on Twitter.

Twitter will become a success and gain a share of other social media and will force other social media to stop walking the line.

In this situation, competition can be advantageous.

  • The Washington Journal
  • The New York Times
  • What the novel is will be decided by

  • The Washington Post and a few others.

Even if what they say is quite honest, people don't really get a choice in the topics that are covered, while they do on Twitter.

It can be something that really matters to the world and is not covered for a reason by major news organizations.

What happens is when there is competition

for the truth and one company gets out of line

it allows the truth to flourish.

Musk added that if Twitter bids one team before the election, that's the definition of election interference.

Frankly :

  1. Twitter was acting as an arm of
  2. the Democratic National Committee
  3. that was ridiculous.

When asked why the media panicked about the release

They're trying to make this into a nothing burger because they're involved in deceiving the American people, according to Musk.

Musk continued :

Why should people trust Twitter going forward if it is not upfront about

the past;

That's what comes down to.

It's not that :

people will necessarily agree with :

everything Twitter has done in the past or in the future, but at least they will know that it's happening and there are no suspicious things going on that they are unaware of.

You can then calibrate your interpretation appropriately of what you learn on Twitter instead of thinking that Twitter pretends to be unbiased and equitable .