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Whoopi wants to put Marjorie in jail because the GOP rep told a bad joke and she's not behind bars


Whoopi Goldberg

wants to throw Marjorie Taylor Green in jail because

the GOP representative made a bad joke:

And she's not behind bars, how is that done?

Whoopi Goldberg told the US Constitution to hit the sand and asked her co-hosts of The View why Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) was not behind bars for her recent comments about the Capitol riots on January 6.

Goldberg said:

If we do that, and participate in it in any way

we will face charges.

This woman must come and talk about control of the country

and she is not behind bars.

How does this work?

You think this is funny?

 Do you think this is a joke?

  • You were preparing for war and discussing a coup.
  • you were overthrowing the government.
  • You've been talking about that, don't you hear?

Joey Behar said: She also seems not to know the meaning of irony.

When you use irony

The opposite of what you mean to say is said.

This is an example of irony, boy, that Marjorie Taylor Greene is great. You must be in Mensa. That's ridicule. what she said was no irony ".

Go back to college and learn more. And then we'll talk.

  • This past weekend, I read about other nations.
  • In Peru, the President of Peru, this is very interesting to me.
  • Try to dissolve the government and seize power.
  • He was taken into custody on that day.

In Germany this week

there were a group of people who tried to overthrow the government in Germany, and they were all arrested.

One of them was from a noble family before the war, the big family, when he was in power and he was a nobleman

and he was an aristocrat.

Now he sells real estate, so he's very upset.

  • He was one of those persons who tried to overthrow the Government.
  • In those countries, which are democracies
  • Trump was in prison three years ago, Bihar said.

Green said

Then January 6 happened.

  • And the next thing you know
  • I've organized everything
  • with Steve Bannon here. And I'll tell you something

if Steve Bannon and I organized it

we would have won. Not to mention that he would have had weapons.

Look this is the whole joke, right?

Everything was planned, they claim, and I'm like

are you kidding me? A group of conservatives, supporters of the Second Amendment, went to the Capitol without guns, and they think we organized that? "