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Jimmy Kimmel tells Liz Cheney to throw in the towel: "Nothing bad happens to Donald Trump."


Jimmy Kimmel tells Liz Cheney to throw in the towel:

"Nothing bad happens to Donald Trump."

Hollywood star Jimmy Kimmel asked the Liz Cheney Committee to throw in the towel, saying nothing would happen to former President Donald Trump regardless of what Cheney and the rest were doing because it would be "symbolic."

He described Cheney and her committee as a toothless "neighbourhood watch group" before saying "nothing really bad happens to Donald Trump."

He said 

  • The additional significant information from
  • the House of Representatives is that
  • the 6 January committee - do you remember
  • all those sessions that aired at more random times than the FIFA World Cup?"


not only is the House

Select Committee expected to release its final report this month, they are considering criminal referrals to Donald Trump and his associates.

That would be largely symbolic, because of course it would be.

Nothing bad is actually happening to Donald Trump.

But I think we all know that the committee can't prosecute Trump itself

  • essentially serve as a neighborhood watch organization and hope that
  • the cops will show up after they report a nut in a red
  • you know, peeing on their front yards.

How was he not charged?

  1. It's amazing how long this takes.
  2. " mean, he's not the zodiac killer.
  3. He's there, at his home in Florida
  4. eating pork steaks with the Nazis! Go get it.

Because of this, a handful of Republicans are now distancing their party from Trump, including Senator Mitt Romney, who said:

President Trump lost again

  • ... I'm aware that many members of our party like the president.
  • the former president - but, if you will
  • the kiss of death for someone

Wow, the glove hits Tan, right.

Mitt Romney is out of control.

Rumor has it that he even started consuming strawberry milk, according to Kimmel.