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American to Zelensky: Take Biden and his son with you to your country!.. Tired of representativeness


American to Zelensky: Take Biden and his son with you to

your country!.. Tired of representativeness

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy's visit to the United States of America sparked a wave of outrage on social media, considering that the purpose of the visit was to obtain and whitewash funds.

After White House officials confirmed that

Zelenskiy was already on his way to

  • Washington for his first visit outside Ukraine since
  • the start of the Russian military operation

and that he would give a speech at a joint session of the United States Congress, tweeters ridiculed the visit, considering that its sole objective was to obtain American taxpayer money.

One tweeter speaking to Zelensky said:

  • Leave America out of your corruption! In fact
  • take Biden and his son with you to your country.
  • We don't have any money to give.
  • They've already given you enough. We are tired and tired of acting!

Others published photos of bags full of money, a cynical sign that Ukraine's President would fill his bags in United States dollars.

Another wrote:

"Zelensky, you're nothing but a money bleach for fraudulent politicians."

Politico: Zelensky's

visit to Washington was a shock to top US officials!

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's planned visit to the United States today was a shock to top U.S. officials and lawmakers, Politico reported.

According to the newspaper, Zelensky will meet his U.S. counterpart Joe Biden in Washington and address Congress.

Rumours circulated in Washington about a "major event", but no one knew the details of Zelensky's visit or plans.

White House officials expect Zelensky

  • and Biden to try to influence Congress to provide more military
  • and financial assistance to Ukraine, she said
  • noting that the visit was planned behind the scenes by
  • some U.S. and Ukrainian officials several weeks ago.

US President Joe Biden

invited his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelenke during a phone call to visit Washington to discuss the conflict in Ukraine and ways for the Biden administration to continue supporting Kiev in its "fight against Moscow," a White House official said.


the White House announced that U.S. President Joe Baden

invited his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky to visit Washington on Wednesday to discuss Ukraine's crisis and ways to provide support to Kiev.

US slows Ukraine aid once Zelensky leaves

Hours after Ukrainian President Zelensky's "historic" address to the joint session of the United States Congress, the latter suspended the process of moving ahead quickly with the $45 billion aid package for Kiev.

This came as Bloomberg reported that

  • the US Senate was expected to
  • vote on aid as part of a total spending
  • package of $1.7 trillion late last night.


these plans were put on hold after Democrats rejected Republican Senator Mike Lee's proposal for an amendment requiring additional funding to comply with coronavirus restrictions across the US southern border.

The Bloomberg article indicates that

the passage of the Provisional Financing Act will move key

spending decisions into next year, give conservative Republicans an opportunity to cut spending and thus possibly reduce aid to Ukraine.

Politico had previously reported that

the US authorities were trying to use various means

including Blockchain serial tracking to verify the use of aid sent to Ukraine

where House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy

had previously said he was not opposed to aid

to Ukraine

  • but would not allow the practice to be smooth.
  • "Open checks", when tens of billions of dollars
  • are allocated without scrutiny or accountability.

They thought the photo was "Fatoshop"

but they were shocked when they saw the video.

Americans question Ukraine's knowledge in Congress

The raising of the Ukrainian flag in the United States Congress after the speech by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky drew criticism among some activists on Twitter.

On Zelenskiy's presentation of his country's flag to Congress

one tweet said:

"It is humiliating to see the Ukrainian flag wrapped on the U.S. Congressional Office, while Zelenskiy is asking for more U.S. taxpayer dollars to be applauded by the Council."

Another criticized a photo of US House

Speaker Nancy Pelosi taking the flag from Zelensky


"The woman tore up a presidential speech addressed to the nation (referring to her tearing up of former President Donald Trump's speech)

and raised the Ukrainian flag.

voted to send border security funds in remote countries

but did not vote to secure our borders ".

Another said:

"Flying the Ukrainian flag behind Zelenskiy at the Capitol after learning now that they have created this whole war only to finance more of their corruption, shows how arrogant our government is.

This must stop, we need our Government ".

Another described flying the flag as "nonsense inspired by a bad movie," saying he initially thought it was a modified image via Photoshop.

Another said:

"Fair exchange. Ukraine's flag is billions of dollars. Guess who got a better deal? "