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Eric Trump shares his "early morning routine," but no one buys it


Eric Trump

shares his "early morning routine," but no one buys it

This week, Eric Trump emphasized living a "clean and positive life" by rising every day at 4:30 a.m. to lead his two young children, ages 5 to 3, in the loyalty oath.

Then I say the Lord's Prayer

and I say two small family prayers to us.

Then I get them to say something that makes sense to them

"claimed former President Donald Trump's second son. He said this in a video conversation with Prophet Julie Green, who also claimed that President Joe Biden was secretly killed.

"I do this every night at 7:45 no matter where I am in the world," the Trump scion continued bafflingly. "If I can't be there, I do it on FaceTime."

This is not the first time Eric Trump's family

has given a glimpse into their daily lives

Wife Lara Trump was criticized in September for posting a video of her miserable son playing outside in heavy rain during Hurricane Ian, which she later defended as "character building."

On Twitter 

people discussed Eric Trump's recent assertions.

One critic tweeted: "This is the most never happened."

Earlier this month 

Eric Trump caused a stir on Twitter when he claimed his father Donald Trump had "fought" for the United States.

"My father fought for this country,"

  • Eric Trump said in a video he shared online.
  • [NFL quarterback] Tom Brady has always fought
  • and played for his team. My father plays for the American team .

Critics on Twitter believe that the word "killer" was doing a lot of heavy work, even if it was probably just a trick in phrases.

They immediately noted that Trump had previously been denied military service for medical reasons, including because of bone bumps in his heels.


  • the diagnosis later came under scrutiny
  • as the daughter of a podiatrist who treated
  • Trump claimed that it was only out of kindness

Others online drew attention to Trump's past criticism of wounded warriors. The former president repeatedly spoke of "personal Vietnam" in the 1970s and 1980s as a means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

President Bon Spears? Fight?

Michelle Kenny responded to the video by tweeting

"Your father never fought for anyone or anything but himself. Remember bone bumps? User Shelby tweeted.

Joe Inyot replied:

"Your father is angry with all the people who fought for this country. Figure A: John McCain ".

Jay Lionel replied:

"Your father fought to keep his tax returns and DNA secret from the courts more than he fought for one American. I hope this helps, Eric. "

Earlier this month 

Eric Trump criticized the Biden administration

stating that the president and his officials are lazy compared to those in his father's administration. He said, "These people don't exist."

The difference between them and my father

my father was sitting there 24 hours a day.

The remarks caught the attention of Huffington Post reporter SV Dat, who quickly called them a lie - and noted that Donald Trump had spent the least time working compared to any president in recent history.

When Trump was in the White House

he was known to block large portions of the day for "executive time," where he did nothing but relax, watch TV, and sometimes get angry on social media.

Trump also spent much of his administration away from the White House at his Mar-a-Lago country club, which his staff called the "Winter White House." Trump is staying there now, after the presidency.