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Kellyanne boasts that she is the only Trump official who does not have subpoenas and investigations


Kellyanne Conway boasts that she is

the 'only Trump 

official without subpoenas, indictments and investigations'

Kellyanne Conway, President Trump's former adviser, seems proud of the fact that she avoided involvement in any conceivable criminal conspiracies.

Conway boasted that she was not in the same kind of legal danger as many of her other former White House colleagues to former President Donald Trump during an interview with Piers Morgan this week regarding her collaboration with the House Select Committee considering Capitol unrest in January. 6.

I'm the only Trump official who doesn't have subpoenas

  1. indictments
  2. scandals
  3. investigations

Conway said. "And I plan to keep it that way."

Conway claimed that was

why she agreed to speak with the committee

which repeatedly referred former Trump associates who disobeyed subpoenas to testify for criminal prosecution.

I didn't take the fifth for that testimony or any question in that testimony ! Conway proudly confirmed.

Conway responded that she advised Trump to stop worrying about the 2020 race when Morgan turned to questioning her about it.

It broke my heart in 2020 

that President Trump was not re-elected

she said.

However, the elections are about the future and not the past.

Conway met in person with the House Select Committee to consider reports of CNN's January 6, 2021 uprising.

Conway did not issue a summons to appear.

In a five-hour interview

committee members enquired about her interaction with Trump after his defeat, according to CNN sources familiar with the committee's work.

According to a source with knowledge of the circumstance

the committee specifically enquired about allegedly telling friends that Trump told her he knew he had lost the 2020 presidential election.

In his book Big Lie

  • Jonathan Lemmer first wrote about the incident
  • recalling how Trump asked Kellyanne Conway
  • off camera, how he could "lose to Joe Biden."

Conway responded to reporters' questions by saying, "I'm not disclosing those conversations. I think they should isolate him .

"They asked him very late,"

Conway replied when asked by reporters about whether the committee subpoenaed Trump for paperwork and testimony. I think the Committee is about to finish "

Conway said

"I'm not going to talk about it because I might have talked about it here," referring to a query about conversations she had with Trump or people in his orbit on January 6.

Conway told reporters after the interview that she had not exercised Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination. Conway added that the Ministry of Justice had not contacted her.

Conway said in her book 

  • This Is the Deal," that she called
  • the Trump White House to inquire on January 6
  • the former president to intervene and order the Capitol rioters to disperse.

Conway stated

"I am unable to discuss the interview questions that were made,"

but when she pushed about whether Trump received her letter that day, she added, "She was passed on to the President yes."

Conway told reporters, He doesn't know that from me, he probably knows that from you.