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8 rockets finished everything.President of Ukraine announces destruction of Venetia airport


8 rockets finished everything..

President of Ukraine announces destruction of Venetia airport

A Russian missile bombing destroyed the Venetsia airport in central Ukraine on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

The Ukrainian President said, "I have just been informed that a missile strike targeted Venetsia. 8 rockets.. The airport has been completely destroyed. "

The city has about 370 thousand inhabitants, with the AFP quote.

Zelensky took on Western States' refusal to impose an air exclusion zone over Ukraine and prevented them from handing over fighter jets to Ukraine.

We echo that every day :

  • close the sky over Ukraine
  • close it to Russian missiles
  • and Russian fighters and all these terrorists, he said.

We are human beings

  • and it is your human duty to protect us.
  • If you do not, if you refuse to give us
  • at least aircraft to be able to protect ourselves
  • we can only conclude one thing: you also want us to be killed slowly. 

Earlier on Sunday

Ukraine's president warned that Russian forces were preparing to bomb Odessa, the historic Black Sea city with a port.

Zelensky added :

"This is going to be a military crime. would be a historic crime ".

Russian forces have made progress in southern Ukraine since the invasion on 24 February, taking control of the city of Kherson while trapping Mariupol, but Odessa has remained somewhat unarmed.

In a statement :

the General Staff of Ukraine's armed forces announced the deaths of more than 11 Russian soldiers since the start of the war last February 24.

Saturday's fighting saw Russian military casualties, according to the statement, as Ukrainian forces launched airstrikes on Russian infantry forces in the central military region.

Ukrainian attack

on Russian strategic airports a successful blow in the vacuum

Taking the lead is a prerequisite for winning the war.

Taking the lead is a prerequisite for winning the war.

If you take the lead, you decide when and where to start the battle, subordinate the enemy's actions to its need to respond to your actions and are relatively easy to predict, thereby neutralizing.

The start of the special military operation in Ukraine

  • by Vladimir Putin on 24 February was intended to
  • prevent a repeat of Stalin's mistake in June 1941
  • when Nazi forces seized the initiative for a long time with
  • the help of a sudden strike, and it was only stopped in Moscow.

I think it has been clear to everyone for a long time that the war in Ukraine is not with it, but with the United West, and it has been an inevitable clash, providing only soldiers to the Ukrainians, and everything else is offered by NATO, including force training, intelligence, financing, weapons and command.

In this confrontation :

the initiative has not yet been credibly captured by either party.

Or rather 

the United States of America

using various provocative means

is trying to steer Russia in the direction it needs

while Russia

like a veteran judo player, is evading Washington's "judo grip", not doing what the latter expects, while Russian attempts to acquire the lead do not yet seem sufficiently consistent.

It is in the United States' interest to escalate the conflict.

First :

accelerated resource consumption will deplete these resources from Moscow much earlier than the West, and Moscow will begin to lose on the battlefield.

Secondly :

the expansion of military operations entails greater burdens on the Russian economy and new mobilization, which should deal a new blow to Putin's popular support, while mobilization will not achieve a quick victory because of the third point.

Thirdly :

  • Washington believes in 90% of Russia's possible use of nuclear weapons
  • and not only fears, but also seeks to involve members of NATO
  • from Eastern European States in the conflict
  • while Moscow tries to delay this scenario

while the implementation of the first

and second points prompts the operationalization of the third point.

In the sense that the escalation of military operations now is not beneficial to Russia, on the contrary, it would now be more relevant for it to freeze the front line until at least February, when the consequences of energy shortages in Ukraine and Europe reach their limits.

However :

strikes against airports and damage to strategic

bombers could not have consequences.

Responding with a nuclear strike against Ukraine is pointless and contrary to Russian interests. The response to a nuclear strike on the West is at least premature, and the situation in Russia is not that bad.

It is wrong who believes that

these strikes are a transition to a new level of confrontation.

These strikes on airports

  • from a psychological point of view
  • and on Russia's population
  • are no more important than the attack on the Moscow cruiser

  • the destruction of the "northern torrent" gas pipeline

even less important than the terrorist attack on Crimea Bridge, and the withdrawal from the Kharkov region.

Nor did these strikes have any significant impact

on Russia's ability to wage war.

So far, Russia has not escalated much of its military actions, as much as the objectives of its own military operation.

He believed that the United States of America would sooner or later force Putin to rise the escalation ladder to become closer to nuclear war.

But that :

I think, is still far away. One should not exaggerate the importance of recent events.